Rob Kirby: JP Morgan Allowed To Fish In A Bowl With A Net

On the tails of several “rounding erros” of debt around the world, Rob Kirby explains how the U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund manipulates and suppresses the prices of gold and silver while at the same time making the U.S. bond market appear healthy…

Rob Kirby interviewed on The Daily Coin

Rob Kirby interviewed by Rory Hall on the latest “parlor tricks” used by the ESF. Recent rounding errors have instantly added trillions in debt around the world, and Rob has an explanation as to why.

There is discussion on how many “dark dollars” are sloshing around in the world, and special focus on whether the supply of dollars is limited or finite.

For a breakdown of how the ESF uses different banks to manipulate and suppress the prices of gold and silver, Rob and Rory spend time discussing how JP Morgan engages in their “trading” of the precious metals.