Rob Kirby: I’m Not Selling Any Silver Even If Price Drops Another $3 From Here – I’M BUYING MORE!

Rob thinks gold and silver are going higher to finish out 2018, but if they drop in price, well that’s a buying opportunity to Rob. Here’s more…

Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Saudi Aramco and China just agreed to transact oil directly Рonly the latest in an accelerating drumbeat of major economic powers pivoting away from the woefully mismanaged US dollar. How will YOUR family’s domestic economy be impacted by the gradual (or sudden) fading of the dollar?

Rob Kirby, proprietary analyst of financial and precious metals markets, visits Reluctant Preppers to answer your viewer questions on the true fundamental risks we are facing, and what signals we need to recognize, so that we can be aware and prepared!