Rob Kirby: Cheap Parlor Trick Has Fooled the People for a VERY LONG TIME

No, the cheap parlor trick is not called “gold & silver price suppression”. That price rigging blessed by government is simply known as “turning a blind-eye”. The cheap trick that Rob Kirby talks about is worse, and it will have HUGE economic consequences on EVERYTHING in short order… 

Rob Kirby interviewed by Greg Hunter

Rob Kirby joins USA Watchdog to discuss the current events in the markets. Rob says that massive changes are coming to all markets, and those changes will reach every corner of the globe. There is good news for silver stackers in particular:

Rob Kirby says people should be looking to buy gold and silver for protection because it’s still relatively cheap compared to the exploding value of some crypto currencies.

Kirby explains, When you look at the price differential between silver and gold, you see an ounce of silver selling for around $18, and you see an ounce of gold going for $1,340, and that means you would need to sell 75 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. The ratio in nature suggests you should be able to sell eight ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. This tells me one of those two prices is very wrong.

Either silver is too cheap or gold is too expensive. I don’t think gold is too expensive because I think it’s undervalued too. That leads me to believe that silver is insanely priced and probably the most underpriced asset on the planet