Redoubtable: You Either Are Or You Are Not – AGXIIK

AGXIIKYou either are or you are not.
The middle ground is not a safe haven:


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The funny thing about who’s buying physical gold and silver.

Central banks in the Kilo ton range—mostly in the east

Wealthy people-mostly in the east with some in the west catching on;  finding its hard to source PM in the 1 to 100 ton range

Middle income people in the east buying in the 1-1,000 ounces of AG and 1-20 oz of AU

The informed and redoubtable stackers who know that, reading and viewing past the MOPE,  stacking is a good idea. Those who’ve respected precious metals for 500-1,000 years are on the move, doing so with resolve because they see that what is coming is something they’ve seen in their history happen 5 times before. They number at somewhere around 3,500,000,000.  

Redoubtable is a great 15th century word meaning formidable, fierce, daunting and impressive.

You are or you are not. Those of us who are redoubtable are both in commitment to the spirit of the times, calling for unconventional warfare against those who would have us and committed to protecting our wealth through the ownership of real money.

That describes those of us who buy these metals for the right reasons, stay the course and are not swayed by the specious arguments of dilittantes, the clueless blogerrati class, those caught up in their Normalcy and Confirmation Bias paradigms, as well as the largest class, the ignorant people who can only be described as vulnerable sheep soon to be further destroyed by those dedicated to systemic erosion of their wealth.

You either are or you are not.  The middle ground is not a safe haven.

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