SILVER Continues BREAK-OUT SURGE, New Multi-Year Highs, BREACHES $23!!!

Oh my…


UPDATE II (10:20 A.M. est, Wednesday, July 22, 2020, (by Half Dollar):

Screenshots from the full length article (Midweek Market Report) I wrote for the best bullion dealer in North America (before that article goes live):


Don’t tell them I sneaked this in here as screenshots before it went live over there.

It’ll be our secret!




UPDATE (08:20 a.m. EST, Wednesday, July 22, 2020, by Half Dollar):

Silver has continued its surge overnight and into the morning.

Some updated charts of different timeframes:

Here’s the thing to understand: Everybody is making a big deal about the Sprott purchase.

Is the Sprott purchase important?


The Sprott purchase, however, is only ONE SINGLE FACTOR in silver’s myriad bullish fundamentals.

Additionally, Sprott isn’t purchasing all of that silver in one blistering market order, but rather, Sprott is making a purchase of up to $1.5 billion (USD) over the course of 25 months.

That said, that’s how it stands right now.

And since the Sprott prospectus (the SEC F-10 filing) is like, a gazillion pages long, it’s all subject to change, such as, what if just $5 billion dollars comes into the silver market, either through Sprott, or whatever?

Oh my.

And what is $5 billion anyway, like, what the US Federal government spends before lunch?

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Thank you for your consideration.

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And that article will include all of the usual charts, and a whole lot more than usual, all the while taking a silver-centric approach to each and every chart.

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Professional Traders & Technical Analysts Call It Wrong Again As Silver Takes-Out $21 And Hits Multi-Year Highs!

(by Half Dollar) Wow!

Silver’s on the move!

Taking out $21 on Tuesday morning:

Here’s a look at some different time frames:

For those doing the math, before 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday the 21st of July, silver is up almost 11.5% since last Tuesday!

At a quarter to nine in the morning, the paper gold-to-silver ratio is in the mid-80s:

Gold is moving up, but silver is moving up even faster.

In fact, silver just hit multi-year highs on my charting platform:

We’re probing $21.50!

Gold’s also hitting multi-year highs:

It sure looks like gold now has some pretty stout, multi-year support at $1800!

It looks like the bottom is about to fall out of the US Dollar Index:

That will be something to make note of as the dollar loses value against the original dollar.

What’s going on?

Silver’s simply making up for lost ground.

That’s what.

And to think – the cartel, in my opinion, is trying to stem the tide.

It is, however, a futile undertaking: