President of US Mint AP: Trump Tariff Could Divorce Physical Silver From Spot Prices

Roy Friedman, President of US Mint Authorized Purchaser Manfra, Tordella, & Brookes Joined the Show This Week For A Fascinating Discussion On the Inner Workings of the US Physical Silver Bullion Market.
Friedman Discusses The Coming Asset Reallocation, Physical Silver Bullion Shortages, & Trump: Could The Donald Be the Catalyst That Finally Separates the Paper and Physical Silver Markets?

  • When Asked How Trump’s Proposed  Tarrif Could Affect the Silver Market, Friedman Replied That A Tarrif Would Have “No Impact On Silver Prices”, But Premiums Another Story 
  • Trump is Favorable For Our Corner of the Market – We’re Likely to See Policies that Are Favorable to Gold
  • Gold & Silver Industry Is Growing – From the Largest Hedge Fund to the Smallest Consumer
  • Next Reallocation of Assets Will Be Very Favorable For Gold and Silver

Its been another great week for the metals, both gold and silver are rallying once again today, with both metals trading at 2017 highs.

Silver just shot through its 200 day moving average near $18, and looks like it wants to run to $19 here.

Gold is converging on its own 200 day moving average – currently just above $1260, but gold in particular really looks fabulous on a 10 year chart. We’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit here, but if and when gold takes out its highs near $1380 from last summer, it has alot of room to run to the upside.

The President of MTB offers his take on the gold and silver market, as well as discussing the following topics with The Doc:

*How Will Trump and His Policies Affect the Precious Metals Market? 

*If Trump Implements Broad Import Taxes/ Tarrifs, What Are the Impacts to the US Silver Market Which Sources a Huge Amount of Supply From Mexico?

*In 2015 the Market Experienced a Shortage of Investment Grade Silver Bars and Coins That Lasted Several Months.  Friedman Offers Rare Inside Glimpse of What A Massive Industry Shortage Looked Like From a Wholesale/ AP Perspective.

*Cost of Capital and Carrying Cost for Holding Physical Meta and How it Impacts Decision Making in the PM Industry. 
Unlike many other financial products- there is actually a physical limit to the available supply of gold and silver.
*At the Peak of the Mania Phase of the Last Secular Bull Market, Financial Assets in the Gold and Silver Space Surpassed 20%.  
Today, That Number is Less Than 1%.  The General Public is Not Involved in Gold and Silver Whatsoever.
Friedman Describes What the US Bullion Market Might Look Like if That Asset Allocation Moves to Even 2% – 5%:

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