Physical Silver & Retail Coin Shortages Imminent? RCM To Begin Rationing Silver Maple Leafs

Authorized purchasers haven’t been able to purchase 10 ounce bars in months, but now we’re talking about the Royal Canadian Mint’s bread-n-butter…

Tyler Wall of SD Bullion and Half Dollar of Silver Doctors interviewed by Sean on SGTreport

Sean from SGTreport caught up with Tyler and Half Dollar to discuss gold, silver, inflation, negative interest rates, and a whole lot more.

Some of the topics in this interview include:

  • The US gold markets are opening up to China
  • Bombshell from Tyler about products on “allocation” at the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Refining capacity has been, and is, substantially diminished on investment grade silver bullion products
  • An update on the the silver market including things to look out for (such as rising premiums) in regards to silver market tightness
  • An update on the silver market in terms of the recent price action and the current bullish fundamentals
  • An update on the state of the global economy, including the concept of negative interest rates in the US and 100-Year Bonds
  • An update on manipulation and what it means for silver especially
  • An update on the other precious metals as palladium hits record highs again
  • Anecdotal evidence of inflation in the US

For discussion on those topics and a whole lot more, tune-in to the interview below in its entirety.

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