Sunshine Minting CEO Tom Power: HUGE Pullback in Physical Demand Once Silver Hit $20

Sunshine Walking Liberty Silver RoundSunshine Minting CEO Tom Power Joined the Show For An Exclusive Insider’s Look at the Trends & Mechanics of the Physical Silver Bullion Market.
Tom Offered SD Listeners An Invaluable Look into the Silver Investment Demand Market.
Is the Retail Silver Shortage Over, or is This the Lull Before an Unprecedented Shortage? 


Tom Provides a Unique Perspective on the Physical Silver Market, Discussing:

  • Unbelievable Demand Through June
  • Huge Pullback in Physical Demand Once Silver Hit $20
  • There’s a Tremendous Amount of Secondary Market Inventory – Primary Market is Running High Inventories
  • New Physical Supply Down 70%!
  • Customers Are Still Building Inventories – Sunshine Minting Has Scaled Back on Production, But Still Running 24/7
  • If the Bull Market in Demand Had Continued, Would Have Seen Major Supply Side Issues in the 2nd Half
  • Demand is Shifting Towards Semi-Numismatic Products 



With gold prices roaring back over $1350 this week, demand for gold bullion such as Gold Maples , Gold Eagles , and Gold Buffalo coins has been exceptionally strong both at SD Bullion as well as the respective mints.  SD Bullion has also seen a huge uptick in demand for bars, moving through nearly 1,000 1 oz gold bars over the past week.

In Silver:

With premiums near half-decade lows on 90% Junk Silver Coins, strong demand continues as investors continue to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire 90% bags below Silver Eagle premiums. 

What the heck is going on with Silver Eagle sales?  The US Mint announced the end of Silver Eagle allocations earlier this month, meaning Silver Eagle coins could be purchased in any quantity desired by the AP’s for the first time in 13 months. 

The Mint is reporting a whopping 1,370,000 Silver Eagle coins sold for the entire month of July to date – meaning only 175,000 coins were sold this week.
This brings year to date Silver Eagle coin sales to 27,620,500.

Physical demand at the retail level has been extraordinary in both gold and particularly silver coins at SD Bullion in July, so take the US Mint’s numbers with a grain of salt.  As discussed on the show with Sunshine’s Tom Power, we believe the sudden dip in Silver Eagle sales at the US Mint is a phenomenon of the Authorized Purchasers (APs) reaching the end of their inventory build rather than a sudden collapse in retail silver demand.

SD Bullion shattered their previous all-time record sales month in July, even far surpassing the epic demand experienced during August and September of 2015.

Don’t be surprised if retail demand accelerates  as the calendar turns to August and September – particularly if Deutsche Bank and or the Italian Banking System suffers a liquidity crisis.

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