Peter Schiff: $3 Daily Moves In The Price Of Silver Are Coming

It won’t be long before the $3 daily price moves in silver begin. Here’s why…

by Peter Schiff of Peter Schiff Podcast

S&P Record High: Why? –

U.S. stock market averages finished an up week on a down note. In fact, the S&P 500, before closing negative on the day made a new all-time record high. The S&P is the only major index that did make a new record high this week, in fact Donald Trump tweeted about the record high in the S&P twice yesterday. As soon as the market gapped open at a record high, Donald Trump tweeted out a reminder that the S&P opened at a record high, and then when it closed at a record high, he sent out a second tweet to remind everybody that the stock market closed at a record high.

Fed’s Lower Rates Behind Stock Market Highs –

The idea is that he’s taking credit for it. The stock market is doing so well because Donald Trump is President, and if anybody else were President, the market would be collapsing. That’s the impression that Donald Trump is trying to convey. But, of course, the reality is the opposite. The reason the market made a new high is because investors are relieved that the Fed is going to cut interest rates. So, it’s lower interest rates that is behind the record high in the S&P – not anything Donald Trump has done.

Low Interest Rates Needed to Bail out Economy –

Now, Donald Trump is saying, “Hey I’ve been telling the Fed to cut rates!”. So maybe he can claim credit for the fact that the Fed is cutting rates because he beat them up so much, but that’s really not what he is trying to claim. He’s trying to claim that the rising stock market is indicative of how great the economy is under his presidency. But, it’s not because the economy is great that the Fed is cutting rates, it’s because it’s lousy!

Heading for Recession –

The Fed is cutting rates because the economy is headed for recession. So if that’s the only reason the stock market is going up, that the economy is so bad that the Federal Reserve has to abort their rate-tightening campaign, and they have to come to an emergency rescue mission, they have to try to bail out the economy with rate cuts, is that really something that Donald Trump should be bragging about?