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collapseFor several years, I produced hundreds of articles and videos (published here on SD), that effectively reached my audience. Then, last year, in the spring of 2016, God gave me the incredible opportunity to further my goal of preparing others for the Great Reset in a way I never expected.
Let me explain what happened:



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How Far Would You Go to Shield Others in the “Great Reset”?


The Question on the Minds of Many

Today I’d like to address several questions that I know are on the minds of many shield brothers here.  I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, but time hasn’t allowed me to do so, which makes this article all the more necessary.  Some in our community have been wondering where I’ve been, and why the number of my articles and videos here have been shortened to once or twice a month, instead of twice a week, as I used to.  Today I’ll answer that question.

Watching on the Walls

First though, I wanna give a little backdrop to the story.  Several years ago, I was wanting a way to communicate with others, what I’d learned for the past 10 years about the destroyers who’ve run our world, and how normal folks like me, could rationally and reasonably respond to it.

Once your eyes have been awakened to the true nature of the political system, the economic system, the monetary system…there’s no going back.  

Your life is changed forever, and what’s more: you feel a deep sense of moral urgency to help as many others as you possibly can. That urgency is precisely what led me to start

I wanted to be something special, a tool in patiently, but effectively, helping others become acutely aware of the unresolved problems in our world. Even more importantly though, I wanted to show them what they could personally, proactively do to improve their lives.

Far too often, when folks ‘wake up’, they grow despondent, they respond by withdrawing from society.  That is precisely the opposite of what I wanted here.  

I wanted to show folks that the common man can and does hold far more power than they know.  They simply need to be shown what they can do, and how they can shield themselves and others against the worst of government invasions into their rights, property, and interests.

So I spent many months and dollars, building this site.  Thanks to the help of folks like SGTReport, BrotherJohnF,, and others, it became something with a sizeable audience and reach, fairly quickly.  I was suddenly reaching tens of thousands of people, the way I’d always wanted.

For several years, I produced hundreds of articles and videos, that effectively reached my audience. Then, last year, in the spring of 2016, God gave me the incredible opportunity to further my goal of preparing others for the Great Reset in a way I never expected. Let me explain what happened.

A New Opportunity 

My combined, direct social media reach, is roughly 10,000 people.  There are so many talented people, in so many walks of life, who have been become part of our journey here, and who keep me abreast of things in various areas of the world. Some of them are professionals whom God has placed in prominent areas of business or finance.

One of these shield brothers, in such a prominent place, approached me last spring, and told me that his organization has a fairly substantial amount of business capital, as well as several hundred workers, that work through his organization.

This brother told me that he shares the same concerns that I do, over the current direction of the world financial system, but that his organization and workers were completely unprepared for that fallout in the coming Great Reset, and this caused him great daily unease in his life.

He then floored me with what he said next:

“Watchman, would you be willing to come aboard with us, and help put us on more sound financial footing? Will you come and help us hedge both ours and our workers’ assets?”

Wow.  Talk about stunned.

Here I was, growing my site to help as many as possible to protect themselves, and I was being asked to personally make it my business, my career, to personally help protect hundreds of people!

I’ll be honest, it took some prayer and time before I answered his question.  But within several weeks, I strongly felt it was the right move to make.

So, for the last 9 months or so, I’ve helped them begin to hedge their assets for everyone involved at the company, and have begun moving some of their traditional ‘wall street assets’, into gold and silver bullion.

I cannot tell you how fulfilling it has been to help them do this.  It will be a long process, but one that I’ve started for them, and beginning is truly half the battle.  This position has been a blessing to my family, and I hope, will be a blessing to many families who aren’t even aware of my actions or responsibilities.  The opportunity to have a personal role in shielding hundreds in the Great Reset is a remarkable joy that I never thought I’d get to experience.

It takes a good deal of my time, but it’s totally worth it.  The new job, along with my growing family responsibilities has left me with less time to construct articles here.  Life is always a give and take, and this site’s content is something I wish still had time to contribute to more frequently.

Nevertheless, I still intend to continue doing what I’ve done here at, albeit less frequently.  Our community here is special, and I’ve gained knowledge and strength from the camaraderie of the fellowship shared here with our shield brothers, in a way that few can understand.

So now you know why my postings here at the Truth HQ have become less frequent: I’ve taken new responsibilities, in a career change with a company, to personally help shield hundreds of real people, just like you.

The opportunity to do was a Godsend, and too good to pass up.  I now am actively helping them to shield their organization, their families, and community, against the harmful effects of the financial fallout that is most assuredly on its way.

This does not mean, however, that I intend to shutter for the foreseeable future.  Every clarion call, every article still has the reach for thousands of people, with vital information, which they can use to better their lives, and warn others as well.

It is my full intent to keep this site going for the time being, and to continue to use it for the purpose it was originally intended: to help as many as possible navigate the stormy waters we’re in, and reach a safe port on the other side of this disastrous experiment in history.

However, the new reality I find myself in, does mean that my activities here will continue to be less than they’ve been, in times past. That may change, of course, but as only one man, there’s only so many hours in a day, or projects that I can do at once.

My desire to is keep this wonderful site going, I only ask that you have patience with me between articles or clarion calls, and remember that I have ‘two fronts’, two wars now to fight.  I have my profession, and my website, both of which I’ve considered part of my calling.  My responsibilities to my family and the many hundreds I’m helping now at my job, now leave me with less time to help our community here as frequently.  Nevertheless, I intend to continue doing what I can, to guide as many as possible to financial, physical, and even spiritual protection.

Narrow is the way, and the path forward can be treacherous, but take heart knowing that many, many more people now know what we know.  You don’t walk this path alone. I thank each of you for walking this path with me, as we continue to prepare for a better world on the other side of the horror that wicked men constructed for us in previous times.  Together, God willing, we’ll help each other make it to the other side safely. I look forward to engaging with you more, and shedding light and truth in our world, in 2017.


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