Mining Costs Are Rising: The Market Will FORCE A Higher Silver Price

The miners have no room to cut costs, and now mining costs are rising. Here’s what it means for silver…

Chris Marchese interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St For Main St

During this 35+ minute in depth interview, Jason asks Chris about the global economy and the mess that central banks like the Federal Reserve, ECB, Bank of Japan and PBOC have made.

Chris thinks central banks have no exit strategy whatsoever and that in the near future, (probably after the stock market corrects more), that central banks will go back to more QE and moving interest rates below zero to negative interest rate territory.

Chris thinks after the next recession/depression (according to government economic data) that governments will go for broke with inflationary measures.

The second half of the interview Chris gives an excellent overview of why gold is rising and the state of gold and silver miners. Gold miners are in much better shape than silver miners but if metals prices don’t rise substantially in the near future then the miners will struggle mightily to maintain current production levels and replace economic reserves.

To wrap up the interview, Chris gives a few stock picks he likes and also his thoughts on Bitcoin since he lives around Silicon Valley.

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