The world’s number one silver exporter shuts down! Get some popcorn, if you can find it. The nonsense the manipulation deniers are about to spew will be EPIC!

(by Half Dollar) The supply chain disruptions mount, and they keep extending further and further into the future.

From the Mexican Ministry of Health (translated by Google):

This closure is in effect until the end of April, but remember, Mexico is behind the US in all of this, and what we’ve seen around the world, including in the US, is that the shutdowns get extended more often than not.

Here’s on the closure:

Mexico, the world’s largest silver producer, has become the latest country to enforce a suspension of non-essential activities in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, after confirmed cases climbed above 1,000, with 29 deaths.

The government decree, effective until April 30, is expected to have a significant impact on the supply of silver at a time when demand for silver coins is high.

It seems we’re about to find out how tight supply truly is.