Mexican Bliss: Tequila Maker In Mexico Filters Its Water Using Silver

It’s almost like a match made in heaven for aficionados of both Tequila and silver. Here’s the details…

from The Silver Institute

Stoli Group USA’s Cenote Tequila, is filtering its water used for tequila through silver ions.

In a recent on-line interview, master distiller Arturo Fuente discussed the company’s Cenote brand and his job as distiller. He noted: “We play a key role in overseeing the entire process to ensure no mistakes are made that could cause contamination to the spirit. It is our job to make sure we’re placing the best liquid into the barrels to rest. We pay close attention to the details that others might not have the time for… Our water is sourced from an artesian well located at our distillery (Fabrica de Tequila Finos), which sits at the base of the Jalisco volcano. The water goes through reverse osmosis and carbon filters with silver ions to eliminate any chance of impurities.”

Cenote tequila is not the only spirit-maker to use silver ions to purify water. Golia vodka, produced from Mongolian wheat and water from the Khuiten Peak, is distilled at least six times through silver and platinum filters to remove any impurities. (See New Mongolian Vodka Distilled Through Silver Filters, February, 2014 Silver News). Other vodka makers including Silver Dollar, Fortuna and Kvint also pass water through silver filtration systems.