Meanwhile: Palladium Is Up $20 Today As Silver Turns Red For 2017 And Gold Continues To Get Hammered

As gold and silver continue to get hammered, palladium is back above $1,000. Here’s an update…

In our comparison post about Bitcoin, we noted that silver has turned red on the year:

Call it ten straight days of price declines (cause we’re not going to count the $.01 Friday Price Farce as a gain):

However, palladium looks to have turned the corner:

One of these things is not like the other:

Which is just another sign of precious metals price suppression and the sheer desperation the cartel is facing.

And here’s a wider angle view of just how out of whack the gold to silver ratio is:

However, we are by no means in the clear with gold and silver prices. We just don’t know where the bottom is going to be, but with the Steve St Angelo interview yesterday, we are right at the price of production, so we can’t go much lower than this.

There are two main events coming up where the cartel loves to smash:

  • 12-08-17 Friday Non-farm Payrolls (BLS Jobs Report)
  • 12-13-17 Wednesday FOMC Announcement and Press Conference (December Rate Hike)

Events that could cause the metals to turn to the upside on the fundamental front:

  • Middle East geo-political tension conflict resulting from President Trump’s Israel declaration
  • Government Shutdown
  • Tax cut roadblocks
  • North Korean threat
  • Bitcoin bubble popping

Stack accordingly…