Marshall Swing: Stay Thirsty For Physical Because YOU WILL NOT See Silver Under $15 Again. EVER.

Marshall Swing says stay thirsty for shiny physical silver because we won’t be returning to some of the recent prices ever again. Here’s an update…

Editor’s Note: As we move into spring let’s not forget that Marshall has one of the boldest calls out there: Global Economic Collapse this July 20-27, 2018.


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts

No time for a wordy analysis, most thoughts are in the chart.

Keep watching those corporate earnings and keep an eye on all our stupid, stupid, military industrial complex funded politicians and the CIA in Syria!

And stay thirsty for physically possessed metals because whether you buy at $16.85 or $15.85 makes very little difference (and you will never be able to buy below $15.00 ever again…)