Marshall Swing Tip-Off: The Bottom For Silver Is In!

“they will probably throw in a few more shorts just to take price below $16.10 so the commenter’s can relish in telling me how wrong I am”

by Marshall Swing of The Church Of Acts

The most famous (and infamous) CALL(s) in all precious metal’s history do not belong to a Jamie Dimon, Blythe Masters, Jay Gould, Jim Sinclair, Jim Rogers, or an Eric Sprott…

Those folks are infamous, and famous, for 3 bad and 3 good reasons!

Monday, I posted my article talking about some fireworks before the 4th of July (yesterday) and even I did not really think those fireworks would continue into today.

I misspoke in my last article and it should have been obvious to all reading it that I said I did not see new lows in both silver and gold.  I still do not see new lows (below $16.10 silver) but gold is a far different matter as the Gold Commercials can easily devastate gold price any time they desire to do so.  And they will, one day soon.


It has been a long time since I have described how they will do it but a couple of folks commenting on my last article reminded me that I should describe how they do what they do.

When the Commercials want to drop the price of gold and silver, their main tactic is to cover shorts.  They do this by High Frequency Trading through dumping a TON of covers quickly and the initial covers are structured so that price takes an immediate WALLOP.  This happens so fast that the Speculator’s longs do not have any chance whatsoever and their stops are triggered so they enter automatic long sell mode which complements the Commercial’s covers.

Now price drops drastically, and at the very same time those Speculators are forced to sell automatically, their algorithms sense the drop in price and auto buy shorts in order to profit on the way down BUT price has already been dropped almost as far as it will go, usually.  These Speculator short sells are already complemented by Commercial long orders and TONS of contracts are cleared in an extremely short duration of time.

I have examined hundreds of these Commercial operations over the years and know them better, inside and out, than I know what I ate for breakfast.

Years ago, I coined the term a Short Covering Raid to describe this phenomena and I backed up my articles exposing the Commercials with COT reports that proved everything.

Sometimes it still surprises when people show up to comment on my articles and they obviously do not know all these facts.

I guess I just assume that if you hear about somebody who predicted sub $15.00 silver over 2.5 years in advance of it happening (when silver was close to $40 and every other analyst was saying silver was going much higher to $70 and above) then you read everything he ever wrote…

Hmmm, does not seem to be the case.

It is starting to look like the Commercial’s put in a BOTTOM today and I show the anatomy of it in the charts.

It is typical Commercial’s standard operating procedures…

But, after reading my article, they will probably throw in a few more shorts just to take price below $16.10 so the commenter’s can relish in telling me how wrong I am in everything I have ever done.

Was it P.T. Barnum that said “there’s a sucker born every minute”?

The Commercials and The Powers That Be do not like me exposing them every time they move…  Of course they read my articles but they do not care too much as long as I am not out here selling my methods (their methods) to the Speculator’s, particularly Managed Money.

Shalom, from The Wilderness of Southern Illinois, where accurate silver calls are as common as Monsanto’s Glyphosate…,



PS… One will give you cancer and the other will make you rich.  Sell all your houses and stack for July 2018.  Get ready to go on a long trip!  Revelation 3:18-20, 12:14