Marshall Swing: I’ve Closed My Silver Longs And I’ve Gone Short Again

Marshall is back with an important update on gold & silver going into the all-important Fed minutes release this afternoon…

Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts dropped a quick line to get everybody up to speed on the latest price action in gold & silver.

He said to let his charts do the talking for him as this is turning out to be an exciting week, which might very well reach a crescendo with the release of last month’s FOMC Minutes at 2:00 p.m. EST today.

Let’s start with his silver chart (click to open full size in a new tab):

I would add this about silver – it has been a wild ride to say the least.

I would have to go back and look at Marshall’s updates, but it seems there have been several entrances and exits on his trading over the last month.

That is telling me the volatility is picking up and that is also telling me the rally is near, even if Marshall did just go short in silver again.

But the way he’s been opening and closing positions lately, I don’t expect his short position to last long.

Here’s the gold chart he sent over (click to open full size in a new tab):

I’m not going to add much commentary of my own to gold.

This is, Marshall’s update which I’m facilitating.

I’ll say this for Marshall too: Stay thirsty for physical gold and physical silver friends!.

(because there’s not much time until the global elite pull the plug and crash the economy on July 20th or July 27th)

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar