Marshall Swing: Short Raid Coming So I’m Short Silver With Tight Stops

Marshall sent us his technical work today along with some commentary. He sees a raid coming to gold & silver. Here’s the details…

Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts

I have been watching silver and gold for several days now searching for sell and short indicators.

I get the feeling the Commercials have changed tactics a little in their dispersals of their tactics as their obvious preparations for the next short covering raid are rarely diagnosed in 30 minute intervals any more.  But the sudden spikes in activities followed by the return of the price point to near the beginning is unmistakable in my model.

Currently, I see 7 spikes preparing probably for the FED news tomorrow of a rate increase and U.S. markets loving it while gold and silver take it on the chin once again.  That and options expiry is not far around the corner, so I am short with tight stops.

Click on the charts to view in full size in a new tab: