Marshall Swing: Only A Few More Months Of This Nonsense Left, But In The Meantime I’m Long Silver

Marshall has been looking for signals of the bottom, and now he’s long. Here’s what it means for silver investors… 

Editor’s Note: When Marshall mentions a “few more months”, Marshall is talking about the globalists pulling the plug on the global financial system to cause global economic collapse. See this post and this post if you’re not familiar with the boldest call out there (some would even call it prophecy).


by Marshall Swing of The Church of Acts

I am glad this nonsense is only going to last a few more months!

Anyway, I went long silver and added another 25 contracts to my position just after 8:00 a.m.

Between the metals and the music, I need a vacation!

Things are really starting to get interesting. Did you notice the difference between how much Asia went down last night as opposed to Europe?

Maybe Stiglitz and Malluch are onto something?

I don’t mention my music hardly ever, but we just finished a tune last night that should take down Missouri’s Governor Greiten’s, and help start the cleansing of the Republican Party.

I am going to let the Missouri Democrat Party and the national DNC push it, and all their profits go to select charities.

I am hoping millions of Democrats purchase the tune.

Either way, be out of the paper markets by June, and stay thirsty for physical metal.


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