Marshall Swing Calls The Bottom (Reminder: Marshall NAILED His Last Short-Term Call In July)

And it’s not just about gold and silver prices. There is an urgent message here…

By Marshall Swing via The Church Of Acts

Silver Gold Position Reversal Bottom Call

For those who follow the open interest positions and dailies, The Powers That Be put in a technical position reversal this morning.  So, I will call the bottom at about $15.83

Only those who have followed my writings over the years will understand what I am talking about since my analysis is based on mathematical modeling and the examination of chart patterns in conjunction with open interest movements.

In this call, I am not even waiting until this afternoon’s COT to come out but will address today’s COT over the weekend, as well as the previous one.

What will happen when the FED increases the interest rate next week?

Probably not much for silver and gold but possibly a dip as the exuberance of the U.S. stock market continues to price in inflated madness and BITCOIN sucks up more suckers into the last vestiges of monetary revolt before the Great Crash.

More about BITCOIN soon, as well.

The reason I say a dip is because minutes after putting in the technical position reversal there was an adjustment to the upside which indicates to me that they over adjusted to the low side and were making a simple correction in their Commercial’s long and short positions price mix.  The open interest positioning is not as dramatic as my last bottom call in July and that is worth considering.  With the interest rate increase next week they could choose to give the Speculators a very depressing Christmas present, remember they touched on $14.34 briefly in that July bottom.  They clearly love their sadomasochistic abuse of the Speculators as they pump up manufacturing to suck up all paper investment before the crash so a UNHOLY XMASS present is not beyond them.  Never underestimate them.

The appearance is some speculator longs jumped in but there were not enough higher Commercial short bids to accommodate any significant price rise or else the Commercials simply bought both the long and short sides in an all out adjustment.  I think it was an excellent place for me to grab 125 contracts.

My best guess is they desire to hold silver near the $16.00 – $16.50 level for a while as manufacturing heats up to supply all the bubbles which suck up all the fiat paper fake money before the lever is pulled and THEY ALL POP never to return again followed a few months later with a total world cashless society sometime next Fall.

I guess what I say in my silver analysis is cryptic to many but my calls always prove correct.

It is extremely important for the reader to understand everything is fake as we head to lower and lower fake “unemployment” numbers while the markets party and stick it in the face of the LITTLE PEOPLE who are not realizing wage gains.

Chipping in with my Titleist Vokey 60 degree wedge (with which I used to have a 6 handicap before I quit golf for good about 10 years ago) from The Wilderness of Southern Illinois – don’t just be thirsty for physical silver and gold at these cheap prices but back up the truck before there is no metal to purchase next summer!


Revelation 3:18

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