Lynette Zang: Is the Global Real Estate Bubble Popping?

Earlier today we noted how even The Young Turks get that the US housing market is on shaky ground at the moment. The demographics are certainly not stellar to spur more housing bubbles ahead.

Weeks back we spoke with Jesse Felder about how 2 out of 5 homes in the US housing market are currently owned by the elder Baby Boomer generation.

To whom and at what price levels will people be buying this some 40% of soon to be resold US houses in the 2020s and 2030s, and at what valuations?

In the following short video, Lynette Zang expresses a short to medium term statistical view on real estate currently…

Is it a good time to buy? Are we in a real estate bubble? When to sell real estate? How can you protect your real estate with Gold, Silver, and other physical Precious Metals?

Lynette discusses real estate loans, MBS derivatives supported by tax payers, risk transfer from Wall Street to Main Street, the global effects dependent on China, record levels of retail spaces closing down, the Manhattan apartment market, and how the average home prices are shifting.

Scroll below for longer term housing price data, Gold House Ratio charts, and Silver House Ratio charts spanning the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Perhaps this whole full global fiat monetary system experiment does not end in a hyper-inflationary reset. But many of you would likely agree revisiting near 1980 levels is likely especially in western nations where the soon to pass demographic owns 2 out 5 homes (USA, USA, USA).

As Paul Eberhart, who returns back to the Silver Doctors office tomorrow, often takes… stack accordingly.


Average US House Prices: Full fiat Currency Era


Average US House Price Gold Ratio


Average US House Price Silver Ratio


Average UK House Price Gold Ratio


Average UK House Price Silver Ratio


 Average Australian House Price Long Term


 Average Australian House Gold Ratio


 Average Australian House Silver Ratio




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