Louis Cammarosano: “Silver Is NOT A Store Of Value”

Louis break-downs the current 2 billion ounce silver deficit and says, “there is something very wrong with the numbers”. Here’s the problem…

Rory and Louis look into the silver deficit. The U.S. Mint may be showing very low sales this year, but those sales numbers are insignificant in regards to the movement of actual physical silver worldwide.

There is also discussion of The Silver Institute, which doesn’t even count silver ETF demand in it’s reporting figures.

While it may be possible to hide gold demand with paper gold, the just-in-time physical delivery nature of silver cannot be hidden.

For those thinking that scrap can be rounded up to help with the physical deficits, Louis says that it takes too much time for that silver to make it’s way to a refiner and ultimately the end industrial user.

There is something very wrong with the numbers that are reported, and the actual amount of physical silver being demanded.

Louis Cammarosano on The Daily Coin