Looking For A Pre-or-Post Thanksgiving Silver Price Smash? So Is Every Other Stacker In America! (So We’re Probably Ripe To Rally)

No more fighting for $2 DVDs! The dollar’s hyperinflating and we’re on lockdown anyway, so if we get a smash, the Cartel has lost its mind or control of…

(by Half Dollar) What do you get when you combine Black Friday deals with a Cartel silver price smash just at a time when tens of millions of American Silver Bugs, stackers, and other smart investors are shopping online in droves because they’re stuck home anyway, and for them, that’s the the only way to convert their rapidly plunging in value unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth know as the Federal Reserve Note and commonly called the “US Dollar” into something real?

I know, right?

That was a mouthful!


You expect me to know the answer?

Heck, I don’t know.

I’m not smart enough to know, but I do know this: The Chart Huggers have been looking for a pullback in silver to $21 for months, and if the Cartel wants to be that kind this week, well that can only mean one of two things, in no particular order:

  • The Cartel has lost its mind, and I’m not quite ready to rule that one out just yet.
  • The Cartel has lost control of the Silver market, and it’s about to become blatantly obvious to even the most staunch Manipulation Deniers!

That said, there is generally a major, massive smash on Silver post-Thanksgiving.

That is, there used to be!

And no, don’t get around to saying ‘Ol Half Dollar is falling into the “it’s different this time” trap, because that’s exactly what it is!

Or is 2020 not, well, different?

But I digress.


You see, Silver Bugs, stackers and other smart investors understand exactly what is happening to our “money”, so we’re looking to get the most bang for our buck, and over the past few decades, if we can all agree on one thing, it’s that Americans have been indoctrinated to expect super-duper good deals on stuff this week.

And in recent years, thanks to the Cartel’s unrelenting hatred of what some people call “God’s Money”, that others call “Sound Money”, and what others call “Honest Money”, which is actually called “Silver”, we’ve come to expect some great deals on the shiny phyzz this week too.

It is true that since August 11th, my call about silver not rising in price until the next round of Federal fiscal stimulus is ready to roll out has been correct, but here’s the question, which is my overall point: If everybody is expecting some Black Friday deals on gold & silver, and if the cartel does smash price this week, including on Friday, and let’s say they even knock a few bucks off of silver’s price, wouldn’t that be a very high risk of physical silver vanishing from the marketplace for the Cartel?

Furthermore, with each passing week, we’re getting closer and closer to that next round of stimulus, and it is not really a stretch at all to think that some sort of “emergency” measure could be taken to actually fire up the helicopters and begin the drops before Christmas.

Said differently, and I’ll ask it as a question: What happens if there is spiking demand for physical silver this week, immediately followed by spiking demand from the next round of Economic Impact Payments, which, could begin sooner than most anticipate and maybe, still, this very year?


Speaking of yikes, it’s quite the choppy seas for palladium:

Just kidding.

It’s like the Summer Doldrums, only a season too late, but then again, compared to gold, platinum, and silver, palladium is a little rich right now.

Since platinum is still in the red, year-to-date, one could say that means platinum is the exact opposite of rich:

Just kidding, again!

Because everybody knows that it’s silver that is the true most undervalued asset, hedge, investment, money, tool, or whatever, the world around:

To think, we’re still miles away from all-time record highs, and when adjusting for inflation?

Regardless, in my opinion, I think the rally begins this week, because if we can be assured of one thing, we can be assured that Silver Bugs, stackers and other smart investors will be adding to their stacks, and if it’s true that the fundamentals have been driving the markets more than the “technicals” lately, for whatever that means, then the fundamentals for silver are even stronger at the start of this Thanksgiving week.

Are they not?

If we are in an environment of rapidly rising inflation, don’t expect the gold-to-silver ratio to stay in the mid-upper 70s for long:

To parity, and beyond?

The permabears Chart Huggers are about to step into a trap:

In my opinion, all things considered and manipulation aside, gold is still very undervalued simply because we’re sitting range-bound around past all-time record highs, of a decade ago!

In other words, if gold is a check against currency debasement, which gold is, then has gold really provided a check against all of the globally coordinated money printing we’ve had over the last decade, when adjusting for inflation?

Follow-up question: The apologists, armchair quarterbacks, enablers, propagandists, shills and sympathizers say the inflation has been “contained” to the financial system, but is it not blatantly and blindigly obvious by now that not only is the inflation no longer contained, if it ever was, but really heating up on Main Street?

Speaking of heat, the US stock market has been on fire:

“Quick”, say the Fed Cheerleaders while the stock ‘market’ pulls back from all-time record highs, “throw some gasoline on that fire!”.

The Sheeple have found a nice grazing spot:

Anybody else have their first wet snow yet, and if so, who had the pleasure of sidewalk-dining “outside” at a restaurant during such inclement weather?

Sure, the question is rhetorical, but let me go ahead and spoil it for you: There may not be much “fear” in the markets, but Main Street is about to get a cold, harsh does of winter reality!

In reality, interest rates can be wherever the central bank and the US government want them to be:

Because, let’s face it, the Fed and the Federal Government have come out of the closet, haven’t they?

Of course, there is the ultimate price to pay for that interest rate behavior, and time is running out:

What happens if prices are rapidly rising, which they are, and then the dollar starts falling relative to other currencies?

Shameless plug time: Part II was published on Sunday afternoon:

Thank you for your consideration!

Crude oil has been pretty stable to either side of forty bucks:

I’ve said this before, but I think it’s worth repeating: Use this time of cheap oil to your advantage while you can, if you can.

Whether it’s an economic collapse, which I think it will be, or renewed efforts to build out the crumbling infrastructure, copper has been rising in price, is rising in price, and in my opinion, will continue to rise in price.

Does anybody else notice that nowadays, whenever any particular item goes “out of stock” in any particular store, whenever the item goes back into stock, the item always costs much, much more?

Call me crazy, or call me just the beneficiary of plain-old dumb luck, or call me whatever you want, but I do think the crack-up boom has begun, only, for now, it’s masked to specific items and not generalized.

Very soon, it will be generalized, and the key words in that phrase are “very soon”.


It’s simple: The US dollar has already hyperinflated.

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart