Lior Gantz: It Is VERY RARE To See Silver As Cheap As It Is Right Now

Lior says things are looking good in the gold space right now, and things are especially looking good for silver. Here’s why…

Lior Gantz interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

In this important update, Lior joins Dave to discuss the latest happenings in the economy.

Lior opens by stating that the Fed is stuck here, and their only options are to tighten or to pause. Lior says the Fed will not be reversing course.

Lior says that the government and the Fed are about to clash on policy and what must be done to help the economy because Lior say that inflation is becoming the real problem in the economy.

That brings the conversation to the commodities and then to gold and silver.

Lior says that once gold punches through $1378, that will be confirmation that the new gold bull market is on, but it is silver that has Lior really excited.

Lior says with a gold to silver ratio at 80 to 1, it is very rare to see silver this cheap.

From there the conversation is really getting started, so tune in to the interview in its entirety below: