LBMA Makes Little 100 Million Ounce Silver Inventory Error, War Of Silver ETFs Continues

What happens when retail stock investors begin to really move into the Global Silver ETFs? Where will the silver come from? We are going to see massive FIREWORKS as…

 by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report

The LBMA announced today that they made a small error in overstating its silver inventories last month.  According to the press release, the LBMA recorded an additional 3,300 metric tons of silver in March.  That turns out to be a bit more than 106 million oz.  That’s half of the total global physical silver investment last year.

I knew something didn’t look right when I saw the LBMA chart for March below.

The actual total LBMA silver inventories were 35,559 metric tons, not the 38,859 shown above.  So, the GREEN SPIKE higher was incorrect.  The total was closer to ARROW.  Now, if you look at the GREY AREA, that is the LBMA’s allocated Silver ETF inventories.  The Grey area spike higher was when JP Morgan added 110 million oz (Moz) of silver for the iShares SLV ETF in three days, but has since liquidated all of that silver.

Now, here is another interesting TID-BIT.  Since the SilverSqueeze that forced JP Morgan to add 110 million oz of silver to its vaults in London, the iShares SLV total inventories are now lower than they were on Jan 28th.

On Jan 28th, the iShares SLV inventories were 567 Moz; today, there are 566 Moz.  However, we have seen increases in other Silver ETF inventories, especially the Sprott PLSV ETF.

In the past four weeks, the iShares SLV ETF inventories have declined by 8.1 Moz versus a 13.1 Moz build by the next top four Silver ETFs.  Thus, it seems as if JP Morgan is ROBBING PETER to PAY PAUL.  Also, we continue to see a liquidation from the COMEX Registered inventories of about 4 Moz over the past month.

Interestingly, the Sprott PSLV added a stunning 50 Moz of silver to its inventories since the beginning of the year.  Here is a breakdown of the data.

Top Silver ETF Inventories Since December 2020:

Sprott PLSV = +50.7 Moz

iShares SLV = +7 Moz

Deutsche Silver ETF = +5.3 Moz

ZKB Silver ETF = +4 Moz

Total Net Change = +67 Moz

I don’t know what seems to be motivating the managers behind the Sprott PLSV ETF to acquire so much more silver than the other Silver ETFs, but there just isn’t a comparison.  The Sprott PLSV inventory increase accounted for 75% of the total of these four Silver ETFs.  What happens when retail stock investors begin to really move into the Global Silver ETFs??  Where will the silver come from?

I believe we are going to see massive FIREWORKS as retail stock investors stampede into the global silver ETFs.  I will be providing a new YouTube Video on this in the coming week.

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