LAST CALL FOR SILVER UNDER $30! (especially if they’re about to crash Bitcoin or the stock market)

Is silver really going to languish much longer in the low $20s while everything else in the ENTIRE WORLD is TOTALLY SKYROCKETING in price?

(by Half Dollar) I think they’re going to crash the stock market.

The sheeple do need a good fleecing, and you can only really let a few of them win the lottery anyway.

And right now, in the rigged casino known as Wall Street, EVRYONE thinks he or she is a winner.

And not only that, but everyone also thinks that he or she hasn’t just won but hit the jackpot!

With one of these crashes, however, “market participants”, if there are even any of them left, will come to learn about silver, and well, that’s a problem.

Especially considering that the Dow has surged since silver topped:

So silver can’t really crash along with the “broader markets” as the propagandist narrative goes when silver has been “correcting” since early August.

Perhaps they could be getting ready to crash Bitcoin instead?

Either way, everything is too quietly disunited right now in the markets and in the economy.

I mean, the Red Hats are hootin’ and hollerin’ about the Supreme Court declaring Trump the “winner”, because this is ‘Merica, and our Supreme Court Justices do nothing but staunchly defend the United States Constitution, you know, the Lunatic Left is, as usual, living in La-La Land now that their guy Biden is the President “Elect”, so it’s all coloring books & gummy bears for them, and the easily spooked Sheeple are patiently waiting to take their baaaaaaaaahcine, so they can go back to their office cubicles, or go back to their yoga classes, or go back to their safe spaces, or back to wherever.

It’s all too, well, you know that weird feeling you get when something bad is about to happen?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

But what will it be?

A Friday Night Flare-Up?

A Saturday Supreme Court Shocker?

A Sunday Night Market Stinger?

A Monday Trump Concession?

No matter what it is, it looks like it could have already begun:

The Fed conducts its 2-day meeting next week, and everybody knows the Fed has been adamant about the government firing-up the printing presses, so why not give Powell some extra ammo on Wednesday with a crashed stock market?

It looks like they’ve got the VIX set-up for a spike:

And in a counter-intuitive way, if election “uncertainty”, as in, a “contested” or “disputed” election, was “good for stocks”, then election certainty, as in, both parties officially accepting that Biden “won”, can easily be spun as “bad for stocks” and thus give the Cartel the needed narrative to go along with a spike in fear.

It would also serve as cover for lowering yield on the 10-Year Note:

Because, believe it or not, some people still think there are markets out there with natural “price discovery”.

I think the bottom could really fall out of the US Dollar Index:

Because everybody is expecting the dollar to strengthen here, but nobody is really expecting a spectacular plunge into the end of the year.

In the mainstream financial press, in the government and with the Fed, nobody is expecting inflation:

On Main Street, however, things that people take for granted are about to become very expensive.

For now, however, crude oil is not a factor in that expense:

The funny thing about crude oil, however, which is a funny thing about a lot of things, really, is that crude oil may be cheap on paper, but depending on where one lives, it may actually be expensive in life.

Platinum is holding on to green, year-to-date:


Palladium is right in the middle of its sideways choppy channel:

Which is to be expected.

And the gold-to-silver ratio is still in the mid-upper 70s:

But not for long!

Because gold is looking good, especially if that is the first, all-important higher-low:

I think it is.

Just like I think it is for silver, not that I think the charts matter all that much right now:

Who really thinks silver will be under $30 for long?

What about the end of next week?

Thanks for reading,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart