Keith Neumeyer: Silver Production Will Be Down For 3rd Consecutive Year, Consumption Increasing

The bullish fundamentals continue to mount… 

What are some clues the next rally is about to begin?

Well, the mainstream is having a hard time avoiding gold & silver.

Gold is, after all, up over 17%, year-to-date, and silver is up nearly 16% year-to-date.

Enter Bloomberg, the go-to financial news source for the mainstream.

I’m actually impressed to see the MSM interviewing Keith Neumeyer.


Well, the MSM could have easily contacted a quiet, reserved, system apologist and manipulation enabler CEO from some other mining company, someone who does not rock the boat, so to say, but they went with someone who tells it like it is, Keith Neumeyer, so hat tip to Bloomberg.

Of course, with the latest DOJ criminal racketeering charges against two current and one former JP Morgan gold & silver traders, it is no longer taboo to invite people who will talk about the obvious.

It’s funny, too, because despite what says about the Exchange Stabilization Fund:

People still deny government and central bank rigging of the gold & silver markets.

It’s funny, too, because despite the Fed publicly admitting they are currently actively engaging in repo operations to suppress interest rates:

People still deny government and central bank rigging of the gold & silver markets.

But I digress.

If you want to understand some reasons why people still deny gold & silver manipulation, check out this interview with Craig Hemke from just two days ago, Tuesday, September 24th:

The abject corruption that Craig explains is plain as day for all to see.

But there I go again.


If you haven’t already, check out Silver Doctors’ most recent interview with regular guest Keith Neumeyer:

There’s some sweet silver market insight in that one!

Which brings us Keith’s latest interview, with BNN Bloomberg:

The first thing Keith said when making the bull case is very important.

What did he say in particular?

Keith said silver production will be down for the 3rd consecutive year, while consumption is up.

That is what we call a bullish fundamental factor in regards to natural supply and demand.

If there’s less supply and more demand for silver, then silver will naturally rise in price.

So let’s think about this for a moment – I’ve been saying that fundamentals matter.

I have also said that fundamentals are exerting themselves into the “market”.

But Keith just dialed it back and laid out one basic, massive foundation.

Just going off of the current dynamics of the physical silver market.

The most basic principle of economics says price is going up.

So what can we make of silver’s natural market forces?

Unless on the inside, paper traders will get burned.

Besides, playing in the casinos only enables.

Buyers of real silver, on the other hand.

Can take advantages of price dips.

To add something in demand.

With declining production.

Such as physical silver.

It’s really that easy?

It’s a ‘no-brainer’.

Timing’s hard.

If into paper!

But phyzz?



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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