Keith Neumeyer: Silver Miners Are Producing SUBSTANTIALLY LESS Silver Today

Since 2014, the situation with the miners has become desperate, but this lower production means only one thing for the silver price. Here’s the details…

Keith Neumeyer interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap Up

Keith and Craig discuss the latest fundamental news on the silver market in this week’s show.

Keith says that as CEO of First Majestic, he sees first hand that the silver miners are producing less silver, and in the long-run, this can mean only one thing for price.

Keith and Craig ask discuss if the entire commodities sector has put in a bottom, and the answer is an overwhelming “yes”.

The conversation then turns to the silver demand side of the equation. India is on a tear this year and set to import 20% of the 2017 production. Thinking demand is weak in the West this year is valid, but there should be a foot note pointing to Eastern demand to get a better picture of the silver market.

All that and more in this time sensitive interview: