Keith Neumeyer: Big Institutional Money Is Moving Back Into Silver

Silver is a very misunderstood metal, but for Keith, silver is a…

Palisade Radio interviews Keith Neumeyer

Keith discusses the early days of building First Majestic Silver. People thought he was crazy to start a silver company, but they are now one of the top five silver producers on the planet. Silver is a very misunderstood metal, but for Keith, it is a strategic metal that the world will continue to need. Eventually, current silver production deficits will show up as higher prices.

Silver is currently lagging and needs to get above 17.50 and then break through resistance at 18.50. He expects silver mining equities to do quite well as silver gets into the mid-twenties.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Building First Majestic Silver.
3:00 – Silver the misunderstood metal.
5:30 – Are we back in a bull market for gold?
7:20 – Institutional money is coming back.
8:30 – How will the resource equities perform?
11:00 – Management teams are key.