Just One More Week (Or Two) Of Pain For Silver?

Surely they’re drooling to show what “freedom” and “liberty” mean in the silver market…

(by Half Dollar) Independence Day is coming up.

Is that still a thing?

Moreover, is the silver price smash around opportune times still a thing?

If so, with everybody either broke, distracted, or thoroughly numb at this point, the next price smash may not just take on special meaning but could also be pretty brutal.

Furthermore, with inflation actually a problem and not just some conjured up Fantasy Foosball statistic, the conditions do seem ripe for something interesting and possibly even something epic.

So with that in mind, the phrase “keep your powder dry” seems appropriate:

Even if the Chart Huggers say “it’s a double bottom”.



I say a funny thing happens when The Analysts, Experts, Gurus, Pundits & Worse say “the bottom is in”, or, more importantly, when they say “silver can’t go much lower from here”.

If credit is truly drying up and if people are actually having to tap into their real savings of real money for real life, then hopefully premiums start coming down soon too.

It is, after all, a race to the bottom in America.

Happy Fourth of July in advance.

If that’s still a thing…