James Turk: I’m Expecting A 30 To 1 Gold To Silver Ratio Down The Road

James say that we’re very, very close to the metals moving higher, silver especially, and with it comes a dropping gold to silver ratio. Here’s why…

James Turk interviewed by Rory Hall of The Daily Coin

In your recent KWN interview you reiterated that central banks would either be forced back onto a gold standard or the system would, in essence, change so much that central banks would willingly move back to a gold standard. Peter Boehringer – the architect of the German repatriation movement stated there were close to 21 countries that were either discussing gold as money, gold repatriation or some form of very high level discussions of gold. Gold has been repatriated by several countries now from U.S. vaults returning to Venezuela, the Netherlands, Germany and most recently Turkey. Is this, in your opinion, countries preparing for a change in the monetary system or is something else at play with these moves?

With Russia recently dumping 50% of their U.S. treasuries – and for the record it wasn’t a real significant volume, however, the gesture was huge – Russia also recently ask their Russian companies to move out of the SWIFT system and into their alternative payment system that is tied directly to the Chinese alternative to the SWIFT system. Would you say Russia is really the canary in the coal mine for some type of change in the global monetary system and is this part of the overall nonstop attacks by western corporate media against Russia?