Is THIS the Reason Why Yellen & President Obama are having so Many Secret Meetings?

nuclear dollarWhy is the Fed Chairwoman convening unprecedented and secret emergency meetings with President Obama?  
Just what exactly is in the process of detonating in the financial markets? 
You’d best have already “left the exits” of their financial systems, by the time whatever The Fed is holding Emergency Meetings about occurs.


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Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

Secret Meetings Galore!

Things are now deteriorating in the global economy so quickly, that it cannot be hidden from the public any longer.  Just yesterday, the world sat tight as the Federal Reserve and the President had a secret meeting.

However, it was the advanced nature of the meeting that turned the most heads.  Just look at tone of the announcement, via the Federal Reserve’s own website:


Advanced Notice of a Meeting under Expedited Procedures

It is anticipated that the closed meeting of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, will be held under expedited procedures, as set forth in section 26lb.7 of the Board’s Rules Regarding Public Observation of Meetings, at the Board’s offices at 20th Street and C Streets, N.W., Washington, D.C. The following items of official Board business are tentatively scheduled to be considered at that meeting.

Meeting Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Matter(s) Considered
1. Bank Supervisory Matter


Uh oh.  In the past these “expedited procedure” meetings were rather rare, yet now they’re getting more commonplace!

“Watchman, what are you fear-mongering about now? It’s just one meeting? Who cares?”

Uh, if you just said that…then you won’t wanna look at this next picture from the Fed website:

Slow Motion 9

As you can wasn’t “just one meeting”….it was the 3rd such meeting in one week, with ANOTHER such meeting happening today! 

4 expedited meetings in one week, and Mike Maloney says, that there will be 8 such meetings just this month, total!

That is an unprecedented shotgun blast of meetings for so short a time slot!

Clearly, something ominous is happening to make them panic.  So what is it they’re looking at, that requires such immediate(and secret)attention?  Well, there are many troubling signs now on the horizon, but I believe the next one is the doozie!

BIG Oil Trouble for Banks

I’ve been writing for months now, how collapsing oil prices worldwide are going to affect everyone. This is especially true for banks! Prolonged, sub $40 oil that we’ve all been experiencing is going to drive global growth prospects into the very ground.

Oil and cheap credit are the engines that make the world go round.  The problem is…that many large governments and corporations made forward purchases and contractual, budget agreements based on $80+ oil!

That price is now history, and the with it, the hopes of many too big to fail banks, who’ve over-extended themselves by giving insolvent oil companies too many loans!  Many, many large oil companies(especially shale oil) are now utterly bankrupt.  It’s all over but the shouting for many of them.

The only thing that has kept these companies from declaring bankruptcy has been their ability to draw up vast, cheap credit lines that mega banks have extended to them!  I’ve been waiting for that credit line to end, and the newest headline yesterday suggests that day has come….and the losses to banks will be EPIC!

Banks Face Massive New Headache on Oil Loans

Slow Motion 9

Uh oh.  The banks have finally admitted….that theUNBACKED loans they’ve given to oil companies in need easily exceeds $147 billion dollars!

Furthermore, I believe that the real losses are MULTIPLES of that figure, but that they’re trying to roll out the losses in stages, so the investing public can digest them more easily.

Banks threw good money after bad, hoping that the cycle of cheap oil would not last. Yet it has lasted, and now these banks are now on the hook for vast sums of money. Today those banks will announce the extent of the damage those loans have done to their balance sheets so far. It won’t be pretty, believe me.

The biggest problem is that 4 of the largest, most crooked banks in the US are loaded to the gills with unfunded oil loans, most of which are likely to go bad very shortly. This chart from Barclays really says it all. Feast your eyes on the carnage that is to come…and take special notice of the top 3 banks who are about to be clotheslined!

Slow Motion 10

Very, very interesting!



Of course, JP Morgan is the perennial, US-Fed agent, market-rigging trouble maker, that we expected to be on that list.  Believe me, Jamie Dimon, will have alot of explaining to do for this.

What I didn’t expect though, is for Citi to be leading the pack! Citi and Bank of America, two of the weakest TBTFs, who’ve previously both had to be bailed out by the Fed, have a combined unfunded loan total of roughly $70 billion!

Just two banks!

Unless the oil price magically hockey-sticks to stratospheric heights, and literally doubles in just a few months…then this is really going to hurt! Alot!

Fitch is expected to announce later this week, that as many as 60% of these ‘unrated’ oil companies, are in imminent danger of default! 60%!

These banks are frantically trying to figure out which assets can be called upon to free up needed capital in order to soften the killer “one-two punch” that unfunded energy loans are about to squarely land on their glass jaw!

If that wasn’t enough though, I guarantee that the next consideration will require Janet Yellen to stock up on Depends!

Collapsing US Growth Forecast

It’s no secret that global growth has now cliff-dived.  The evidence is overwhelming.  In Europe, the average German bond is now literally at 0%, for the first time in history!

In Asia, Japan is now admitting that it has hit the wall, and is out of bullets to fire(except perhaps, for hugely negative interest rates).

This downward spiral is creating an undertow that is carrying the US economy down with it, and all the massaged employment and growth data in the world, can’t put lipstick on this pig any longer!

Don’t take my word for it! Just check this chart from the Atlanta Fed giving their US GDP forecast(HT Mike Maloney):

Slow motion 11


Ladies and gentlemen….something just broke, and severe turbulence is approaching.

That ridiculous gap between “Blue Chip Consensus”(ie overpaid wonks who don’t know anything), and the Atlanta Fed(overpaid wonks who blew the bubble in the first place), has just decoupled in the last month! It has caved in just a few weeks!

Something, somewhere has changed, and rapidly!

I’ve always predicted that the Fed would:

1) Raise interest rates, perhaps a quarter of a percent…
2) Allow the world to see what happens when they raise those rates…

3) Say, “you see? the world economy can’t handle it!”…

4) And then take those rates back down…into negative territory.

I highly suspect that this series of meetings is about verifying the renewed crash, and how best to walk back their stated intent to hike interest rates even more.

Watch their policy statements for clues soon.  You’ll likely see very dovish statements from Yellen and the Fed board, paving the way for a renewed push back down to ZIRP….on their way to boldly go where no Fed Chairman has gone before:

Negative interest rates!

It’s the final card they have to play in this gigantic shell game.



The thing about past collapses, if you study them, is they always seemed to be kicked off so quickly!  When the moment has come for this to be unleashed, no one will have to tell you: ‘it’s started’. You’ll know.

I believe, that the globalists have wanted this to be the “final collapse” to end all collapses. They want it to be so bad, that the world literally comes crawling to them to “fix it”, no matter how draconian and orwellian that “fix” may be. 

They know that the masses are more pliable, when they’re petrified with fear.

From secret Fed meetings, to plunging European bank stocks, to German bonds now paying literally zero percent, the banksters have almost hit the proverbial wall, as to new tricks they can pull…full on negative interest rates are the only thing left which can buy them a little more time, but doing so will cause a worldwide revolt in the masses.

The current global bubble we’re witnessing consists of sovereign debt, global equities, global currencies, and toxic OTC derivatives. We’ve watched the banking cabal levitate the world economy for the last 8 years this way.

It appears that is now ending.

Slow motion collapses, in the sheer force unleashed can seem awe-inspiring in their power, but when the force is felt, a great many living, breathing people will suffer.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking the system is “too strong” to undergo another(worse) 2008.

It is coming, and nothing will stop it.  It is not the end though, it is the beginning. It will serve as a cleansing fire of so many toxic, criminal elements in our world, but it will be difficult once it arrives.

When the global economic collapse is finally felt, there will be nothing beautiful about it.

At first mesmerizing, this:

Slow motion 4

Will quickly become this:


Slow motion 7

All over the world…

You’d best have already “left the exits” of their financial systems, by the time that occurs. There will be no do-overs here.

What about you, shield brothers? What do YOU think the half dozen secret Fed meetings are about?

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