Inflationary Policies To Force Repeat Of Hunt Brothers Style “Cornering” Of Silver Market?

Taking delivery of physical silver broke the ponzi scheme…
Nick Giambruno interviewed by Patrick V. on SBTV

We are joined on SBTV by Nick Giambruno, Chief Analyst at Casey Research, as we review the silver trade of the Hunt Brothers and how current inflationary monetary policies could force market participants to repeat the Hunts’ silver trade.

Nick’s article – Silver Will Benefit From America‚Äôs Debt Crisis:

Discussed in this interview:
03:02 Opportunities with crisis investing
07:37 Hunt brothers’ silver trade
12:50 Taking delivery of physical silver broke the ponzi scheme
15:03 Repeat of the Hunt brothers’ ‘cornering’ of the silver market today?
17:26 Is silver still cheap to buy?
18:46 Inflation masks the real price of silver
20:04 Risk-reward for silver mining stocks
22:11 Next crisis will see money printing flood gates open
25:05 Protect wealth with gold and silver whilst investing for capital gains