INFLATION WEEK: Will Gold & Silver Finally Move Higher With Absolutely Everything Else?

Energy prices are soaring, food prices are soaring, and palladium & platinum are on the move. Additionally, there are…

(by Half Dollar) Lots of data for market participants this week.

Not that any data is needed to understand what is going on, of course.

For example, just one week ago, I remember seeing the twenty-five pound bag of all-purpose flour at Costco for $6.99, but yesterday when I went to actually purchase one, the price had jumped up to $8.49!


And if you thought that food price inflation was bad now, then don’t look at the surging prices for energy, and don’t click on articles about the skyrocketing prices for fertilizer because the inflation is about to get worse.

A lot worse.

Good thing I don’t have to buy fertilizer because I have rich, fertile soil:

Who else is still picking tomatoes in mid-October?


Naturally, they’re not as big and plump as they were a couple of months ago, but don’t let the tiny size and imperfections fool you.

For the value in those six tomatoes is something that can’t really be measured.

Now, if in the real world the inflation wasn’t bad enough, beginning on Wednesday, we will have the displeasure of seeing the latest official statistical lies regarding inflation when the BLS releases the September Consumer Price Index.

Additionally, on Thursday we get producer prices and we close out the week on Friday with the September Retail Sales report.

Needless to say, everything is going up in price, except for gold & silver?

The price of crude oil is going up:

People keep bringing up 2008 when they discuss crude oil prices, and all things considered, we’re not even close to that kind of pain.

Copper is on the rise:

I’d say “it’s getting harder and harder for our corrupt, evil ‘elected’ ‘leaders’ and public ‘servants’ to maintain the narrative”, but then again, there’s that whole Zombie Apocalypse thing going on, so I’m not really even sure there are more than seven or eight thinking people remaining in this world.

Palladium is on the move:

A more than 17% move off of recent lows, that is!

Platinum is on the move too:

Platinum is up over 14% from late September!

And then there’s gold:


And silver:

Which is funny too, in a “price versus value” kind of way, because in my opinion, silver’s price is nowhere near silver’s value, which only increases with every passing day and every passing price smash.

The paper gold-to-silver ratio is still stuck in the mid-upper 70s:

What is it going to take for excitement to come back into the “markets”?

It’s going to take a lot more than a minor pullback in the stock market, that’s for sure:

Alternatively, it will take all-time record highs.

There is volatile market insanity in so many places:

Oddly enough, it is not in the Volatility Index.

Market participants are concerned about skyrocketing interest rates:

And they say I’m the one who says ridiculous things.

What is truly ridiculous, however, is the belief in so many things, including the US Dollar:

It’s not so much that people will be in for a “rude awakening”, but rather, it’s more like people are about to fall victim to Economic Misery and Financial Ruin.

Most will perish, figuratively, or literally, or whatever, but a few will prosper.

Perhaps there is a silver lining for the good of humanity?

Learn to garden…