IMMINENT SILVER PRICE CRASH WARNING As Gold & Silver “ADVOCATES” Forget Where They Come From, Turn Their Backs On Gold & Silver

Blinded by greed, many so-called gold & silver “advocates” think they can end the manipulation by feeding the Beast. It doesn’t work that way…


Update 3 (Tuesday evening, February 2, 2021):

Shameless Plug Time: Dave Kranzler and I took a deep dive into silver today:

Thank you for your consideration!

End of Update 3



Update 2 (Tuesday morning, February 2, 2021):

Silver is now “trading” around $27.50, down from yesterday’s spike high “price” of $30.35:

But why would anybody expect anything different?

As long as the so-called gold & silver “advocates” continue to feed the Beast by gambling in the rigged casino, all the while claiming to educate people amidst their shouts of “end the manipulation”, well, continued manipulation is what we get!

Hypocrisy and phony sincerity begets continued evil corruption and fraud.

So yesterday afternoon (Monday), in true Cartel fashion, we got the first of the statements and the margin hikes, and when we take those two things, along with other things that are surely coming, such as MSM propaganda and more, and combine those things with infinite money and time on the Cartel’s side, it’s not rocket science, but rather, a losing proposition for the gamblers in the rigged casino:

There is only one way to end the official manipulation, the official rigging, the official suppression, or the official whatever you want to call it, of gold & silver: Starve the Beast.

End of Update 2



UPDATE 1 (Monday afternoon, February 1, 2021):

The hype in GameStop is fading:

Everybody just got rich by feeding the Beast, huh?

Follow-up question: If most people must lose most of the time, then how exactly are all of the GameStop bandits going to suddenly shift the money they just lost into silver?

Follow-up to the follow-up question: Does anybody else feel this “silver short squeeze” is a set-up, or quite simply, a trap?

I’m starting to feel that way again.

Because the MSM has been heavily covering the silver story today:

Which means the cartel would love to come in and smash price because, well, why in heck would anybody want to invest in silver if the price is plunging?

Additionally, the Cartel can simply choose another diaper dandy to become the Wall Street Bets Star Of The Day, and then the cartel can play the “Reddit moves on from silver and jumps into blah-blah-blah card”.

Another thing that concerns me is that everybody is now totally bullish on silver, and not only that, but long time so-called “gold & silver advocates” are quite content gambling in the rigged casino, announcing all of the call options they’ve loaded up on or what miners they like the best, and this sort of greed and willingness to participate by feeding the Beast only enables the corrupt, fraudulent system to continue: It does nothing to end the manipulation.

This morning I admitted I got the “imminent crash” call wrong, but I think I’ll borrow a little tactic from the Red Hats and say “it’s not over yet”, so again, they may let silver rally today, and possibly even tomorrow, but I still think we are at extreme risk of the cartel coming in with the brute force.

Perhaps they’re giving their bestest buddies on Wall Street and in Washington the day to move into and out of positions?

Again, because it is important: When it comes to the Cartel, which is not some shadowy group but the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the Fed, and agents acting on behalf of one or both, we’re not dealing with logic and reason, but rather, we are dealing with the Cartel’s madness, and despite the fact that inventory is flying off of dealer shelves, the Cartel knows dang well the dealers will just be forced to raise the premiums anyway in order to entice silver out of strong hands and into the market, and so if the cartel does smash, that just means that premiums will shoot through the roof even more than they have already.

Here’s the question: If the Cartel has lost control, or if the Cartel is at the point of losing control, would the Cartel even care about totally blowing up the physical silver market at this point?

End of Update 1


(by Half Dollar) I think the Cartel is about to take silver behind the woodshed, and, by extension, take some otherwise smart people to the cleaners.

That is to say, otherwise smart people think they’re about to get rich quick in silver, but it doesn’t work that way, and instead, what is really going to happen is that people who have loaded up on call options and what not are about to see those options expire worthless, and as such, the Cartel has the last laugh, because the Cartel lives to suppress another day and the otherwise smart person now doesn’t even have the money to add to that stack when the Cartel brings the price down.

And to make it look “normal”, as the so-called “advocates” like to say, since “gold & silver fall right alongside the broader markets”, I think the Cartel will bring the stock market down too, if necessary.

Here’s what I said earlier about that:

Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors, I’m starting to get some bad vibes about this whole Wall Street Bets thing, and either the tin foil’s a little too tight, so I’m getting scrambled messages, or the Cartel has successfully suckered in otherwise smart people who now, because they’ve lost their money thinking a silver moonshot was coming, a la GameStop, can’t scoop up the shiny phyzz for cheap when the cartel takes down the price.

So many so-called “advocates” have been lured-in by the smell of “easy money” and “instant riches”.

Or have they not?

But I digress.

At first, when this whole Wall Street Bets thing became a household name this week, I was all about raising awareness about silver and the silver “market”, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that most people are sheeple, and they’ll never get it.

Who are we really kidding here?

Does anybody really think the Cartel will just let mass awareness of silver happen in this way?

In fact, if you go to the r/wallstreetbets main webpage, you can scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll, and believe me, because I did, and then you can scroll and scroll and scroll some more, and you will never even see the post that has all of the so-called gold & silver “advocates” all giddy.

As of right now, Friday morning, the post everybody is clinging to hope to has just over 10,000 “upvotes”:

Now, how exactly is that going to gain exposure when you scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll, and all of the posts that you do see, which have exactly nothing to do with silver, have “upvotes” into the many tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands?

I think they’re about to take the Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors, temporarily blinded by greed and so they’re gambling in the rigged casino, to the cleaners.

Can anybody name one gold & silver “advocate” who is currently not bullish about gold & silver right now?

And no, You Know Who doesn’t count.

Here’s Reddit sending SLV “to da moon”:


Real impressive there.

I started to get a bad feeling about all of this when whoever created that Reddit post turned it into a pump for First Majestic Silver:

And now, I have a very sinking feeling the markets are going to be taken down.

Think Wall Street Bets is all of the sudden going to end the manipulation for gold & silver when people have spent their entire lives claiming to fight for the very same thing while accomplishing little more than serving as proxy pumpers for the miners?

Think again!

The “advocates” are perfectly happy feeding the Beast while screaming “end the mainipulation”!’

Oh, the pathetic irony.

There is only one single way to end the manipulation: Starve the Beast.