HOLD ON TIGHT: Silver Spikes Even Higher On Thursday…Ready To Boost Past $19 Price?

Silver is again on the move, and despite the “fade”, silver appears to be moving higher again. Here are the details…



Silver is on the move!

Here’s what the action looked like by-the-minute:


Silver has overshot $18.50 for two days in-a-row, as expected, and as we discussed in “Silver Doctors Live” yesterday.

Beginning last Friday, silver’s performance has been crushing-it intra-day, every single day:

It’s nice to see the gains hold.

Silver’s daily chart is blowing-through all sorts of resistance:

Recall that since September, 2017, $17.50 has been the “line in the sand” so to say, and we just blew right through it!

Are the reasons for silver’s moves that we discussed in our live-stream yesterday really that simple to understand?

Of course they are, because right now the technical analysts are getting absolutely crushed by the charts.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, are you saying the charts do not matter with silver’s latest price action?”.

Good question, and yes I am saying that for the moves over the last several days, exactly.

‘Cause the analysts are all screaming “overbought”, or “use extreme caution here”.

Furthermore, silver is rising despite apparent trade war calm from Trump.

And silver is rising despite the US dollar index still strong, above 98.

But those are not the only reasons we give for silver’s surge.

We broke-it down into even simpler reasons yesterday.

The cartel is losing control of the manipulation.

Americans now getting interested in silver.

And when we combine those two?

With what we said yesterday?

Silver’s gonna surge again.

And surge some more.

Despite technicals.

We’re beyond.

That point.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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