If Past Is Prologue Then There’s A Tuesday Paper Dump Coming Up

Will we be spared from a Tuesday paper dump? Let’s not count on it. Here’s why…

We’ve got last trading day for gold & silver on the COMEX.

We’ve got a falling dollar overnight that will need to be ramped:

We’ve got CoT Reporting today to provide the snapshot of where traders hold their positions.

We’ve got constant slams on Tuesday all month:

We can see that gold has performed better than silver during the slams:

And with the metals rising all night, it could be easy to be lulled into complacency.

So it stands to reason that we will see some sort of pressure today.

Remember too, we’ve got to be on guard –

  • Tonight: State Of The Union Address
  • Tomorrow: FOMC
  • Friday: BLS Jobs Report

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar