Has The “BUY SILVER AT ANY PRICE” Moment Arrived…?!?

The decision requires answering one simple question…

(by Half Dollar) I’ve got to admit, I’ve been a tiny bit selfish lately.

Just a little bit.

You see, ‘Ol Half Dollar’s in the market for a new automobile, again, as one of the two teens in the house is close to getting that License to Freedom, otherwise known as a Driver’s License.

Let’s not get it twisted, however, because a driver’s license in 2021 is nothing like a driver’s license from when I turned 16 in 1991.

Back when I became of age, so to say, a driver’s license actually did mean freedom.


At a time when America was vastly more free, or slightly less oppressive, or mildly just whatever, along with my red 1984 Nissan King Cab pick-up truck, and sometimes with one friend riding shotgun, or sometimes with more friends packed into the cab of that tiny thing that such a feat would give even the most epic of clown car teams a challenging run for its money, I was driving all over the country, without a GPS, or a phone, or a credit card, and not a whole heck of a lot of cash on me now that I think about it, but with several quarters for pay phones and those stupid toll booths nonetheless, and by the age of 17, I had mastered the fine art of knee-steering while holding a Big Mac in one hand and sipping on a large, unsweetened iced tea being held in the other, all the while coasting down the totally awesome West Virginian curvy, mountainous high speed interstate roads, in neutral for fuel efficiency, with the windows rolled down, Gwar’s Scumdogs of the Universe on cassette tape blaring through the stereo, and hoping I wouldn’t get another speeding ticket because my parents were still mad at me for the last one, you know.

Regardless, I like driving, and I like cars.

Perhaps I’m the one who’s most excited about purchasing the kid’s first car?

And so the selfishness set in.

At first, Wifey and I were discussing it, and we were thinking that ten grand for kiddo’s first car would be plenty.

But as luck would have it, or, more importantly, as Craigslist would have it, or any list, really, used cars around here aren’t very appealing because they’re kind of expensive for what they are, they all look raggedy for the price, or quite simply, no, fine sir, I do not want to “take over payments” on a car with negative equity that’s been rolled over three times.

The debt, that is.

Not the car.

Lest it would have followed the latter.

But I digress.

All wheel drive?


Larger than sub-compact?


Fuel efficient with some get up?


Apple Car Play?

Oh, good grief!

So now, I guess we’re looking at twenty grand, which, if going new, is really more like twenty five.

And twenty five quickly turns into thirty.

Does it not?

That is to say, try pricing out a brand new, small all wheel drive SUV that you’d feel comfortable putting a new driver into for less than twenty five grand.


So really, the selfishness comes down to an ever-increasing price tag due to the dominance of so many wants coming into play.

Does kiddo really need all wheel drive, an SUV, a punchy engine, or Apple Car Play?

Not really, but those things sure would be nice.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, could you spare us the Buy Here-Pay Here Lemon Lot nonsense and make your point about silver already, or are you just on one of your lame, error avoiding deflections again thinking we’ve all forgotten about your lousy calls Mr I’m-No-Good-At-Price-Prediction-So-I-Try-To-Make-Up-For-It-By-Telling-Crappy-Stories?”.

Oh, geez.

Sounds like a trade’s not going somebody’s way?

Good luck.

Here’s my point: I have been wanting silver’s price to crash, in part, for selfish reasons, because I’d love for the Cartel to smash silver’s price down into the teens just one more time, because I know it would spring right back up, and most likely in a way that would make the move off of the March 2020 lows look like a slow grinding wall of worry rather than a slingshot from under $12 to nearly $30, and as a way of internalizing my selfishness in justifying the purchase of more vehicle than is arguably needed or possibly deserved, which I now understand, I was hoping I could load up on a bunch of sub $20 silver by snagging a couple of monster boxes on the cheap, and in doing so, along with enjoying the artificially underpriced and therefore higher moving exchange rate for silver into dollars, I would not even have to consider wants versus needs because the profit that could be made off of a quick rebound in silver’s price would more than offset any niceties included in the vehicle’s purchase price.

So, um, yeah.

It’s kinda like that.

Let’s review my general call since forming it at the end of January/beginning of February.

In no particular order, among other things, I’ve been looking for:

  • US Dollar strength
  • A crashing stock market
  • $1700 gold
  • A spike low of silver into the teens

Overall, I’d say my call has been pretty good, and I still do not think we’re out of the woods yet on a crashing stock market and a spike low of silver into the teens, so we’ll see, and I did put a timeframe on it, saying I’ve been expecting it by the end of April, so we won’t have to wait long to see either.

I’m sharing all of this today because as I narrow down the list of potential SUVs to the short list, considering the kid’s likes and my ultimate approval, I’ve really been thinking about supply chain disruptions a lot lately.

And to think, they said they were temporary.


Here’s the overall point regarding supply, and in my case, it has to do with vehicles, but it could really have to do with anything, including silver: The longer I put off deciding on and purchasing a vehicle, the harder it will be to find exactly what I’m looking for, and by all accounts, the longer I take to purchase a vehicle, the more I’m going to end up paying for it.

In other words, while I am now most likely not going to tie-up that specific amount of dollars into silver because I want to be able to pull the trigger on a new vehicle whenever the opportunity best presents itself, which could really be from any day now to a few months out, in a similar way, so too could holding out for a dip in the silver price, holding out for a specific silver coin to be released, or holding out for something like that to happen in the physical silver market render even the most well-made purchase plans difficult at best, if not downright impossible to execute.

Buy silver at any price?

If the crack-up boom and hyperinflation of the US dollar has begun, then yes:

Especially if that price is anywhere near the stupid low price of $30.

The daily calls for the bottom in gold continue:

Even if gold has not bottomed, there’s not much more downside than what we’ve already seen, in my opinion.

Still, this decoupling will need to resolve itself in one way or another:

If the Cartel is able, resolution would take place with a good old-fashioned silver smashing.

The mainstream financial press does not want you to see palladium’s daily chart:

We’ve gone from our sideways choppy channel to nearly all-time highs in a matter of days!

Although platinum could be telling us we may get that crash in the price of commodities, agricultural, industrial, precious or otherwise, that I’ve been looking for:

The Cartel sure likes giving us the nailbiters, don’t they?

Crude oil bounced today after falling all week:

Recall that my original call, if the Fed and the Federal Government want engage in some inflation statistics skewing, was for a crash down to $35.

I wrote an article about copper today:

Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors may want to read it.

Right now, only losers have fear in these “markets”:

Pretty soon, however, the markets will only have losers.

Because a rising stock market is not a sign of strength:

It’s a sign of worthless currency.

Ten years of your time is worth about 1.7%:

One part of my call is for the Cartel to use a stock market crash as the cover to crush yields once again.

For now, you can still use these things to buy real things, like cars, or silver:

That won’t be the case for much longer.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart