Gregory Mannarino: Everybody Is Waiting For The Reset To Happen…THE RESET JUST HAPPENED!

We’ve had a COMPLETE SHIFT, and the America we had one month ago is not the same as the America we have now. Gregory explains…

Gregory Mannarino interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser on Reluctant Preppers

​- Record stock market volatility,
​- Record collapsing T-Bond Yields,
​- Record oil collapse,
​- Record crisis interventions by the Fed,
​- Record crash in silver – despite record physical demand,
​- Cratering Manufacturing and Service Indices,
​- Our world in lockdown, and
​- The Fed not just BAILING OUT but BUYING UP equity ownership in entire industries…

Widely followed markets analyst Gregory Mannarino, known as “The Robin Hood of Wall Street,” returns to Liberty and Finance / Reluctant Preppers to make the case that these sweeping and synchronized revolutionary changes have laid the groundwork for an imminent new global currency and global rule by the banking elite.

Mannarino declares that the unprecedented action of the financial markets has been orchestrated by the governments and central banks, effectively pulling off an coup that has ushered in a “New America” that will be unrecognizable compared to the America we all know and love.

What can we as ordinary people and families do in the face of such cataclysmic forces? – Join us to find out, and share this interview as widely as you can!