Gold & Silver “Tax Loss Selling” Narrative Comes Into Play In The Rigged Casino?

It’s not even really an ace up the sleeve. It’s more like a holiday tradition…

(by Half Dollar) The Cartel loves low-maintenance traditions, especially when they help shape the narrative, and as we head into the month of December, a time-tested Cartel holiday tradition is coming up that the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino will soak up just the same: Tax Loss Selling.

Is that still a thing?

Whether it is a thing for this year is to be determined, but it should be noted that on September 30, 2021, I specifically wrote about how I thought tax loss selling would come into play this fourth quarter.

You see, gold opened 2021 at the Rigged Casino price of over $1900:

Right now, at the end of November, using $1900 and $1800 as generalizations, the Cartel has gold down about 5.25% on the year.

Silver opened 2021 at a price of $26.77:

Right now, at the end of November, using $26.75 and $23.50 as generalizations, the Cartel has silver down about 12.25% on the year.

And to think, the System Apologists, Enablers, Shills, Sympathizers and Worse have been clinging to the stupid narrative that gold & silver prices have been moving lower recently, in part, on Fed Taper & Fed Rate Hike expectations.

After a year of gains in 2020, and after the fake, fraudulent and phony gold & silver “market” euphoria in the mainstream media and in the wannabe mainstream media in 2021, however, if market “participants” have not capitulated, then why would gold & silver tax loss selling not come into play?

Having short memory and getting blind-sided could get really ugly pretty quick.

The popcorn is tasty.

The truck is so ready.

And it can hold a crapton…