Gold & Silver Santa Rally Or Lump Of Coal?

Is it about being naughty or nice, or is it about…

(by Half Dollar) We’re not doing Christmas stockings anymore.

Good riddance!

Of course, when the Kids’ Christmas gift list includes Coco Chanel perfume, which also just so happens to be the only perfume on the entire planet that never goes on sale, Air Jordan’s that are best purchased at some sketchy online reseller and shipped from Europe, and $60 t-shirts, which, at least according to one of the kiddo’s, “isn’t a lot for a shirt”, suffice it to say that a huge grapefruit at the bottom of the Christmas stocking followed by some festive holiday popcorn filler just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

That’s right folks, for when it comes to the holiday season, at least at my house, the so-called “substitution effect” is shown for the cheap parlor trick it is, and all that really matters is the fact that unlimited wants and unlimited desires eventually come up to the hard limits of common sense.

I mean, I ain’t payin’ no dang $450 for a pair of dog poop magnets, especially since it’s around that time of year when they’ll soon be sloshing their way down the salt-infested slushy sidewalk trenches brought on by the necessity of battle with Old Man Winter.


Who am I kidding?

I remember that I actually had those very first Air Jordan’s, the red and black ones, when I was in elementary school in West By-God Virginia, and while I don’t exactly remember how much they cost my mom at the time, I’m pretty sure they weren’t cheap, and I also recall wearing Dr. Marten’s boots in high school in the early 1990’s, which currently cost $150 and are now generally made in Vietnam instead of England, but I do recall the Doc’s being kinda-sorta expensive back in the day, so I suppose I’ve just got to better understand the current going rate for nice things because in reality, over time, due to our unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth, everything goes up in price.

Everything except for silver, that is:

Indeed, according to the Ministry of Plenty’s own data, the price of silver should be around $88 right now when adjusting for inflation over time.

And speaking of time, or gifts, or whatever:

If it’s been a good year, shopping for women really isn’t all that hard.

Merry Christmas!

Hopefully we’ll all get that silver gift horse this week too…