Gold & Silver Rollercoaster: Silver Breaks Out Above $23 After Release Of September CPI Showing Uptick In Inflation

Consumer prices are on the rise, again, and if you need a car and have to drive it to work, good luck with that!

Update 1: It’s a rollercoaster ride in the “market” today:

Gold & silver have erased their post-CPI “sell-off”.



(by Half Dollar) The Consumer Price Index, one of the official US inflation reports, has just been released for the month of September.

Recall that aside from the standard “transitory” propaganda, last month’s inflation report was generally regarded as evidence of a “slowing” of inflation with many in the mainstream media and wannabe mainstream media cheerleading the “disinflation” narrative.

Also recall that just last week, the latest Jobs Report was basically crafted as an outright disaster.

Additionally, the price of crude oil has been rising in earnest since late August.

All things considered, on the surface it seems the path of least analytical resistance is found in the “stagflation” narrative.

Nonetheless, the latest CPI inflation report is out, and if you believe the numbers, which are technically lies, prices are up on all items 5.4% on the year:

Notice the change in energy, however!

The Fed & the Feds are definitely going to talk about the food & energy stripped-out inflation rate this month!

Also, notice another rise in new vehicle pricing, or the not insignificant jump in transportation services, something which is about to become way more problematic for everybody.

Gold & silver sold off on the news:

Because the Fed’s so-called “taper” is apparently back on the table?

Bread and circuses…