Gold & Silver Face Their Next Hurdle In The Markets This Very Week

Will it be pure bliss, or a total bust?

(by Half Dollar) On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the Fed will conclude its most recent 2-day FOMC meeting at 2:00 p.m. EST.

According to at least one interest rate probability calculator, the probability of the Fed not “hiking” rates is no longer 100%.

Of course, this is the Fed we’re talking about, so while they will turn on a dime when it comes to the so-called “loosening” of monetary policy, such as the Sunday Night Emergency Rate Cut in March of 2020, when it comes to the ersatz tightening of monetary policy, to say the Fed takes baby steps would be a total insult to babies.

Regardless, now that Fed Chair Powell has removed the word “transitory” from the dictionary, and after the whopper of an inflation report last Friday, suffice it to say the Zoom Square All-Stars should perform quite the spectacle for all of the non-thinkers out there when Powell begins his “press” “conference” at precisely 2:30.

While wading through the Sheeple in search of a particular pair of Nike shoes that don’t actually exist in person at any of the sneaker stores in the mall, I noticed that the jewelry stores sell 8K and 10K gold:

And I must admit, I was slightly shocked to see the Walmartification of Kay Jewelers.

Although if not buying overpriced sterling, which at least is good silver, Pandora is just as bad with their super over-priced stainless steel bracelets:

The line of the Brainwashed Masses queued up for the free “$85 value” bracelet that was apparently being given away with the purchase of $300, however, was rather long.

People learn the hard way.

They always do…