Gold & Silver: All You Can Do Is Laugh (If You Are An Enabling Gambler) Or Starve The Beast (If You Are An American-Style Patriot Who Actually Cares)

Joe Deplorable just got sucker punched in the gut, again. And silver? Let’s just say…

(by Half Dollar) Step aside all you stinkin’ worthless Deplorable Fathers because there’s a brand new holiday that we’re going to be celebrating instead this weekend, so happy Juneteenth National Independence Day, America!


Joe Deplorable is so far beyond totally screwed.

Then there’s the real power of the people: Silver.

What can I say?


I’d love to go on the defensive about my expertise, but I won’t.

I’d love to call out Phonies who should be called out, but I won’t.

I’d love to embarrass all of the Haters and the Trolls, but I won’t.

There are so many things that I’d love to say and do, but I won’t.

Instead, I think I’ll just comment on the phony left and the phony right and what the phony left-right Propagandist Drama Queens are pumping as “news” today.

This is pretty darn evil if you ask me:

And no, I’m not talking about the Trump coverage but the other coverage that I’m not even allowed to talk about.

The Trump coverage is too easy to pick apart, of course, if you can stomach it, for CNN makes Trump out to be a bad guy, which he is, but not for the reasons CNN is making him out to be, but rather, because I’ve proven time and time again that Trump is in fact a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, and therefore, by CNN continuing with its pre-scripted Worldwide WrestleManiaFest Trump Bashing, CNN leads the Red Hats into yet another round of docile wussery as the Red Hats cling to their last grain of pesudo-hope, all the while not understanding that like the Obama Hopium Smokers before them, the Red Hats have been sold down the river just the same.

That is to say, because they are Brainwashed Masses, Sheeple and Walmart Zombies first and foremost, and Fanboys of our former Rockstar “President” secondly, the Red Hats are oblivious at best, and they are easily manipulated at worst.

You know how Gamblers in the Rigged Casino enable the manipulative price suppression of gold & silver?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

Like I said: Too easy.

And as for the Smiling Judges of Corruption, I won’t even make a comment other than to say when it comes to gold & silver, it ain’t a dang choice!

Generally speaking, it is the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, and primarily the Baby Boomers’ fault, yet nowadays, any and all current “elected” “leaders” and career public “servants” are to blame, as well as their Apologists, Enablers, Sympathizers and Worse, but regardless of whose fault it is, the important thing to understand is that when Gen X gets to the point where it has nothing left to lose, well now, let’s just say that the bought and paid-for civil unrest, looting and riots of last Summer are going to look like Barney and the Teletubbies taking a leisurely stroll down Sesame Street more than it will look like a dumbed-down teenager going on a bloody rampage in Grand Theft Auto V.

In other words, if Generation X doesn’t fix things very, very soon, figuratively speaking of course, or literally, or whatever, then all is lost, as the generations that come after Gen X have been taught submission to corrupt authority rather than having been taught critical thinking skills, just like America’s younger generations have been taught to bend over and do what they’re told rather than having been instilled with the will to fight for Freedom & Liberty and defend the Constitution.

I mean, think about it: Casting the Pumpers and the other Sleazy Opportunists aside for a moment, the younger generations are so thoroughly brainwashed that they think that not only have they re-invented money, which they haven’t, but that they’re going to overthrow our illegitimate, debt-based fiat currency regime and replace it with a new-and-improved digital liability too!

Which they’re not.

Here’s Fox News:

I’ll simply make one point here, and I’ll ask it as a question: Cyberattacks are a lot like viruses in so many ways, aren’t they?

Shameless Plug Time: There’s a reason I’m the most hated Silver Bug around, and being right about silver, gold, the dollar, the stock market, and so much more is only one of the reasons:

It’s cool.

I’m used to it.

Just like silver’s used to the woodshed:

Do you even kick a chained dog, bro?

And just like gold’s used to the woodshed too:

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Many Chart Huggers think ‘Ol Half Dollar’s gonna be wrong about silver in the teens:


Today’s Lesson in Market Manipulation is brought to you by the Trolls who say I wallow in my own pathetic delusions of some shadowy group of gold & silver price riggers:

Now, when I say “the Cartel”, or refer to the Cartel as “it”, or “they”, I’m not referring to some Secret Society of Nose-Picking Booger Flickers and Snot Rocketeers, but rather, I specifically mean the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the Fed, and agents acting on behalf of one or both, and in plain English, as well as in plain old Rubbing-It-In-Your-Face, right there on the Treasury Department’s own website, it says that the Cartel can manipulate any market it wants to manipulate, at any time, and for any reason.

Or is that not what it says?

Palladiu, uhhh, wow:



As expected.


That’s gonna hurt.


Still too inflationary.

Speaking of which, word is, there’s some sort of tropical doohickey doin’ some sort of swirly thing in the Gulf of Mexico:

Good thing it’s transitory!

They say I’m evil for telling people to not buy stocks:

It’s not so much that I don’t want people to gamble in the Rigged Casino, because the people can do as they want, for I’m not one to judge, even though not gambling in the Rigged Casino is one of the exact things that must happen to end this madness, but rather, I’m simply trying to help people avoid Economic Misery and Financial Ruin, which is coming sooner than later for people who have all of their “wealth” out there consisting of financialized products tied to ersatz dollars.

This week, for those people who perhaps find themselves feeling frustrated and wish to laugh it off, rage it off, or shrug it off, here’s some good old-fashioned motivation [WARNING: PEOPLE, UNICORNS AND OTHERS THAT GET BUTT HURT AND/OR OFFENDED EASILY, DO NOT PUSH PLAY]:

“Give the people what they want”, indeed.

And right now, the people want to get rich, instantly, at no cost and with risk preferably at the lower-bound:

Granted, the Sheeple are oblivious, so they’ll never get it, the Brainwashed Masses are always set-up to lose, so they’ll never get it, and the Walmart Zombies are intensely focused and insanely swerving on their electric carts in a cut-throat game of demolition derby for the last bag of cheese doodles in the snack isle at Walmart, so they’ll never get it too.

They’re in full court press mode trying to shift the narrative from “transitory inflation” to “inflation’s behind us”:

No matter what narrative they’re trying to shove down our throats, however, they’ll press on interest rates until the dollar explodes.

The Silly Deflationistas can’t grasp the fact that the US dollar has already hyperinflated:

Regardless, if you want to have a chance, just a chance, which is all any of us will be getting, then there’s only one single thing to do.

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart