Go Cashless? SILVER COINS Would Be MUCH SAFER! (Or, Tokyo Metro SPRAYING SILVER To Disinfect Subway Cars, Stations, Etc In Fight Against Coronavirus)

Too bad we don’t walk around with honest, CLEAN MONEY in our pockets anymore. WE REALLY SHOULD if we’re actually serious about coronavirus…

(by Half Dollar) One thing that irks me to no end is the weak (and wrong) argument from the globalists that “plastic”, as in charging purchases with a credit card or debit card, is safer than cash.

Under the logic of these freedom destroying, humanity enslaving shills, it is cleaner and more sanitary to use a credit card than to use cash.

Perhaps theoretically.


By and large, however, EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a purchase and use my debit card, the stinkin’ terminals and keypads are always absolutely disgusting, and as far as I can tell, they’re rarely cleaned and wiped down, with the sole exception, in my experience, being Lowe’s (the home improvement store).

But I digress.

My point is this: In practice, it is arguably much safer to use cash than to use those nasty credit card terminals, from a risk reduction point-of-view, especially when simple protocols put in place to reduce risk (disinfecting) are NOT followed by front-line employees.

Side Note: One thing that also drives me nuts are all of the stupid homemade masks I see everywhere.

Yeah, I said it.

Why is that?

Well, recall that many years ago I worked on the CDC’s National HIV & STD Hotline as well as the NIH Vaccine Information Hotline.

Don’t judge.

I was younger and dumber back then.

Here’s my point (a rant, really): In relation to my prior experience, NOBODY would ever tell a person that a condom with a gazillion holes poked in it is safe, for preventing pregnancy, for preventing STDs, or whatever, so why do people act like the slippery slope to burkawear will help prevent the transmission of coronavirus?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you don’t get it man, it’s all about the size of the droplet!”.

Oh good grief.

Live a little and learn how to avoid getting spit-on in the face.

Ever been thrown-up on during a thrill ride?

I have.


How’s that gonna work again, Disney?

So yeah – life happens – and that’s kinda the risk one takes when, well, living life.

But there I go again.



Back to the topic at hand: Using cash money is MUCH safer than using credit and debit cards.

Furthermore, if I hand exact change (call it $12.37) to the cashier, or perhaps close to it, that’s a limited number of points of contact.

Moreover, if we had HONEST money, or what some might call CONSTITUTIONAL money, because, you know, our Constitution REQUIRES it, we would be walking around with anti-microbial chips in our pockets.


There’s a reason Americans would put a Silver Dollar in the milk bottle back in the day, you know.

Just like in 2020, there’s a reason Tokyo Metro is spraying silver in the fight against Coronavirus.

From Channel News Asia just today (hat tip to the reader who pointed us to this story):

Tokyo Metro, the city’s main subway operator, has begun spraying its nearly 3,000 cars with a super-fine atomisation of a silver-based compound, taking advantage of silver’s anti-antimicrobial properties to repel the virus from surfaces.

“Merely disinfecting the carriages only has a short-term effect, so we were looking for an anti-microbial application to reassure passengers that our trains are safe,” Masaru Sugiyama, Tokyo Metro’s section chief in charge of rolling stock, said at a demonstration on Thursday.

After the end of daily operations, masked cleaners hauling motorised atomisers stride through carriages, spraying straps, poles, seats and windows with a mist of 10 micron droplets, roughly the size of a grain of pollen.

That’s the power of silver.

Some call it “God’s Money”.

Finally, also in the article, this is absolutely amazing if true (bold added for emphasis):

Tokyo’s labyrinthine rail network of about 900 stations and roughly 85 lines has seen passenger numbers approach pre-virus levels since the city’s de facto lockdown was lifted in late May.


Considering the fact that the US economy is still arguably collapsing, and governments at all levels here are pushing Lockdown 2.0 along with Shutdown 2.0, it appears some parts of the world are actually in the process of “recovering” when we read things like that.

Taken at face value, of course.

Yes, pun intended.

And not.