Globalist JFK’s Executive Order 11110 Didn’t Take Away But GAVE MORE POWER To The Fed

G. Edward Griffin says that Kennedy was not assassinated because of EO 11110 since the order was more about transferring power than it was about silver…

Editor’s Note: Here’s a link to the executive order as shown on The American Presidency Project

G. Edward Griffin interviewed by World Alternative Media

During an interview Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen conducted with G. Edward Griffin, author of ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’, Josh asked him about the new John F Kennedy files released, the obvious limited hangout and of course the infamous myth that JFK tried to end the Federal Reserve.

The claim is that Executive Order 11110 somehow diminished the power of the Federal Reserve when in fact it simply brought the Fed more power which one can figure out by simply reading the order.

The order involved creating United States notes that put gold backing behind notes put into circulation during the Civil War.

Griffin said he fact checked the famous Federal Reserve related quote from Columbia University and it had turned out that he never once spoke at the University and according to the White House he never once made such a speech.

The fact of the matter is, Kennedy wasn’t anti-Fed, though it would certainly benefit many viewpoints if he was, but that’s not the truth. In order to find the truth, one must conflict and search out opposing claims and not look to simply create easier ground for your argument based in fallacy.

Kennedy was a fabian socialist from the London School of Economics and while his death was clearly a cover-up, claiming that it was international banks behind the cover-up due to an executive order would not fit within the frame of truth. Therefor it’s important to debunk it for the sake of information.