GameStop Is Worthless, So Silver Must Be Worthless Too!!

This is but one of the seeds planted in the minds of investors because of the Wall Street Bets hopium turned Cartel coopted psyop and more…

(by Half Dollar) I must admit, I fell for the Wall Street Bets hype.

Don’t judge.

It happens.

I fell for the Wall Street Bets hype for all of about six hours, which would be about the time I was researching and writing this article, to the time I updated it for the first time:

I kept updating the article, however, because I thought that raising awareness of silver was too important of an opportunity to miss, even though the original “silver squeeze” post turned into a pump for First Majestic.

But I digress.

For a few hours there, I felt something to the effect of, “wow, if this is something that gains traction and can hit a complacent, lackadaisical Cartel hard and fast, the market moves could possibly catch the market riggers off guard”.

The Cartel doesn’t really like fire drills, you know.

The Cartel will play, but begrudgingly, and the fire drills are really more like a thorn in the Cartel’s side than anything else, because lets not kid ourselves here: They’d rather be on some pristine, secluded tropical island beach, sipping on margaritas and, ahh, nevermind.

The Wall Street Bets hype started on Wednesday, January 27, and it is now Thursday, February 4, and while everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar ain’t no dang mathematician, I’m pretty sure that’s like more than a week ago.

So here’s the point, and I’ll make it in the form of a question: Does anybody really not think the Cartel is beyond ready to take on a bunch of unorganized rag-tag traders, shady pump-n-dumpers or worse at this point in time?

Follow up question: If Wall Street in general, and hedge funds, the banks, and “respected” people in the world of finance specifically, were embarrassed last week with GameStop, are they really going to be embarrassed this week by silver?

Follow up question to the follow up question: Of course the Feds will perform a Dog-n-Pony Show for GameStop, but does anybody really even believe the word “silver” will be spoken by anybody in the Federal government, including departments and agencies like the Treasury and the CFTC, in any meaningful way?

Follow up question to the follow up question to the follow up question: If they can shut down any platform (Parler), shut down any person on social media (take your pick), seize websites, shut down certain groups (“Q”, “Team Trump”, etc), then why would any post on silver on Wall Street Bets going forward not be compromised in one way or another, in the sense that it is directly posted by the Cartel itself, coopted by the Cartel, sabotaged by the Cartel, data-mined by the Cartel, and more?

Many Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors have already come to their senses, but others are still duped.

There’s one more point to make, and it has to do with propaganda, or psyops, or investor psychology, or subliminal seed implantation, or whatever you want to call it, but isn’t it obvious that by giving silver the spotlight for one single day in the mainstream media, which, coincidentally, also happened to be the very same day GameStop was still a dominant news story, the dumbed-down, brainwashed masses reading about silver that day would be turned off by the precious metal when the mainstream financial press news coverage basically turned the whole fiasco into a “worthless silver plunges along with worthless GameStop” theme?

That is to say, much of the mainstream discussion about the GameStop news focused on how GameStop is a money losing, dead-retailer-walking type of company, so it really made zero sense that, other than in a brief “bankrupt the hedge funds short squeeze”, that GameStop’s price would go parabolic.

And of course, as the short squeeze wears off, we see GameStop crashing back down to its intrinsic value:

And so, in part, the Cartel has allowed the “short squeeze” in silver to happen, for a whole entire day, because much like GameStop, silver is an outmoded, money-losing dead-end type of investment, and now that the “silver squeeze” is wearing off, we can see that silver is crashing back down to its intrinsic value.

Or is that not another thing that’s going on here?