GAME CHANGER? David Morgan Dissects Deutsche Bank Manipulation News and Sprott Buying Silver

david morganRob Kirby has been warning recently that a coming HUGE BOMBSHELL revelation will drive gold and silver dramatically higher.
With Deutsche Bank admitting to manipulation of the gold and silver market Thursday, and preparing to rat out its co-consirators, that revelation is here.  
Was Eric Sprott’s $75 million silver purchase PERFECTLY TIMED?
In this MUST LISTEN interview, David Morgan breaks down the story with potentially massive indications for the gold and silver markets: 


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SD Podcast Spotlight:  Wall St For Main St

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, the silver guru, David Morgan of The Morgan Report

David has decades of market experience working in the financial industry and investing and trading markets. David has also written 2 books about silver, the Skinny on Silver and his new book, Silver Manifesto.
David is also the CEO of a new precious metals royalty and streaming company, Lemuria Royalty.

Purchase the Silver Manifesto here:……

During this 35+ minute interview, Jason asks David about the recent announcement from the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) that they are buying approximately 5 million oz of physical silver to add to the trust.

Jason asks David if the timing of the announcement was perfect to counter the negative commitment of traders (COT) reports on gold and silver?

David thinks Sprott timed this purchase perfectly. Jason asks David how difficult it is to source 5 million oz of physical silver?

David talks about the physical silver market and how the silver market is decided at the margin.

Jason and David also discuss the additional silver purchases PSLV can make in the future?

Next, Jason asks David about the BREAKING NEWS in the precious metals space about Deutsche Bank admitting it manipulated gold and silver markets, paying a settlement, cooperating and handing over evidence and also helping implicate other conspirators (big bullion banks) who helped manipulate gold and silver.

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Story here:…

David and Jason confirm this is the story Rob Kirby was hinting at for months. (Jason also emailed Rob Kirby before the interview to confirm this was the story he was hinting at).

David thinks this story may open up Pandora’s box as more evidence in the form of years worth of emails, instant messages and other forms of communication is handed over by DB to help implicate other banks.

Jason then asks David about the Soc Gen report saying silver supply will decrease by 9% in 2016 and by 13% in 2017 and if he thinks that research is accurate?

David says he thinks it’s pretty accurate but he and Chris Marchese will look at it more closely in a future edition of their paid monthly newsletter, The Morgan Report.

To wrap up the interview, Jason and David talk about the health of primary gold and silver miners and the bankruptcy of the Northwest Territorial Mint.

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