From Wall Street To Well Informed: Gold, Silver, The Mining Stocks…And The Upcoming Rally!

Are gold & silver answering so many of the questions that Wall Street institutions can’t?

by Chris Marcus with Rob Kientz via Arcadia Economics

It’s interesting to notice how people arrive at the conclusion of gold and silver from so many different areas of life. Perhaps because the metals answer so many questions that Wall Street’s institutions can’t.

Which is what happened with Rob Kientz of GoldSilverPros, who came from an Earnst and Young accounting background, and ended up seeing the opportunity in gold and silver. As well as the silver mining stocks. Such as Impact Silver, SilverCrest and Pan American Silver, which Rob talks about in this really helpful interview.

So for a clear and easy to understand explanation of “why gold and silver”, and “why gold and silver miners”, click to watch the interview now!