From “Silver Squeeze” To Just Pumping The Mining Stocks: No Wonder The “Squeeze” Has Been Futile!

Once again, if you want to END the manipulative price suppression, which was THE WHOLE POINT of the “silver squeeze”, you must…

(by Half Dollar) I’ve been biting my tongue, but now I’m starting to throw up a little bit in my mouth, so I can bite no longer.

Why has the silver squeeze failed to see silver thrusting above $30 since the end of January?

I won’t call out specific people, because I have too much respect for The Docs and for Silver Doctors, but believe me, if I wasn’t Managing Editor, I would absolutely put people on blast and show them for the sleazeballs they truly are.

In my opinion, those shouting “silver squeeze, silver squeeze, silver squeeze” the loudest are newsletter writers, mining stock pumpers and others sleazy opportunists who really have no interest in “ending the manipulation”, but rather, their interest is in making money off of the so-called “apes”.

In other words, they’re looking for newly “woke” people to sell subscriptions to, and with the newfound interest in silver on Reddit, I imagine it is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.

Or is that not what’s going on here?

So please, somebody, anybody, tell me again, how exactly does one end the manipulation by gambling in the rigged casino?

There is only one way to end the manipulation of silver in its current corrupt, fraudulent form, and that way is not done by “scooping up little known, rising star juniors on the cheap”.

Want to actually squeeze silver?

Then Starve the Beast.

Want to continue with things nice and easy for the Cartel?

Then keep on pumping.

Remember: The Cartel has unlimited money, and time on its side, two things a person, or a group of people, do not have.

You can’t slay the Beast by fighting the Beast, even if you think you’re “playing off of the manipulation” and “taking stock market winnings out of the stock market and using the winnings to buy physical silver”.

That’s called being a gambling “apologist”, who are no better than any of the other enablers, propagandists, shills, sympathizers and worse, even if the gambling apologists think they’re “sticking it to da man” and taking their “winnings” out of the “markets”.

Said differently, for every $1 that’s “won” in the “markets” and taken out to “stick it to da man”, there are another $9 in losings from other gamblers that the Beast just chowed down on.

In other words, all the gambling apologists are doing is helping to continue the manipulative price suppression of silver by feeding the Beast.

Making it grow stronger.

Dang shame…


Half Dollar’s Extra Special Note To All New Silver Bugs, Stackers And Other Smart Investors: Ending the manipulative price suppression of silver requires Starving the Beast, and Starving the Beast could never be something that is easily done, but rather, Starving the Beast requires actual sacrifice, such as sacrificing potential “profits” from the “markets” now to have actual markets and actual price discovery later, for Starving the Beast requires honest discipline and true guts, but the newsletter writers, mining stock pumpers, and other sleazy opportunists won’t tell you any of that because their subscriber count or their mining stock portfolios or their out-of-the-money call options or their whatever depend on people continuing to gamble in the rigged casino.

Buying the miners, no matter how noble a person has been brainwashed to believe is the cause, is, in fact, gambling in the rigged casino.